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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 3

Oh my! Things have to be wrong with the world when the

USA comes out victorious in The Ryder Cup. Markets must go down! The Patriots lose to the Dolphins! In short we have cats & dogs in communal harmony. This is how disturbing The Ryder Cup victory is right? Well, I would have to say it is all coincidental, but still, it is really creepy when all these weird things happen in one weekend. Kinda like my weekend. Will they start Adrian Peterson? Or won’t they?

How’s That Hammy?

Waiting and waiting for the response from the Vikings. Will Peterson start?

   Or won’t Peterson start? I get the last word that AP is in and I put him in. And well it just doesn’t go my way. I picked up Steve Slaton as a backup and Steve backs up all over the Titans for decent fantasy points. AP’s hammy combined for no TDs, and he just had a tough day with only 17 carries and 77 yards. I still had a chance to win but none of my WR’s came to play. Ever have one of those days? Welcome to fantasy football. The Ryder Cup is won by amazing golf performances by rookie

U.S. players who have no clue how hard it is to do what they did. And a hammy comes between me and a victory. But have you ever thought over every possible scenario and just come up wrong?

I Also Over Thought the Week

When you have a hot WR like Bryant Johnson and the 49ers are playing the Lions, this is a no brainer. Well the 49ers got 189 passing yards. That is goodness. The problem is that Johnson only had one catch for 25 yards. Ahhhhh! The calamity continued with David Patten straining his groin. For those of you new to this, Patten was a replacement for Marques Colston who injured himself the first week of the season. So my WR’s are in trouble. I will try to pick up some more free agents and get through a tough couple of weeks. I think I have to turn my brain off for a couple of weeks.

Master D.

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