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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 3

The offense was one-sided. The offense was nonexistent. The scores were not going your way. Whatever you think, the lack of scoring in the NFL this week has probably got everyone on edge. So where am I? Yes, I am on that same edge, my friends. The score is the score unless you don’t. I will get back to that thought, but the weekend begins with my pick for Survivor.

I Picked What Team To Win?

Survivor is perilous in the beginning of the season. Those teams that seem well on paper are not. Those that aren’t end up winning and just like that you are out of the mix. This happened to me on Saturday. I went to pick my team to win and I had zero dollars? Zero dollars? How could this be? And then I remembered at the last moment I chose to pick

Green Bay over

Cincinnati in the Packer opener at Lambeau Field, and I was wrong! And just like that I am out of survivor. I think I made it to Week 15 last year just picking the team that was playing

Detroit. Oh yeah, that wouldn’t have worked this week either. Congratulations

Detroit on winning for the first time since 2007. Good luck the rest of the way. And for everyone else still in survivor, the results will be murky until Week 5 or so and then in November they become murky again. Now back to the scoring problem.

The Score Was What?

You don’t need to know the teams but when the scores go scrolling by, you know that some people are going to be left out of the fantasy football scoring buffet this week. Let’s see, I have a 34-3, 24-0, 26-10, 34-14, 27-7, 23-3, 31-10 as scores and, well, you get the point. When there is plenty of offense to go around, it is a bomb-diggity week. But sometimes there isn’t much offense or it is one-sided. I find myself wondering out loud if the Monday Night game is going to help me out. So this week was the haves against the have nots. Hopefully, you had enough haves. As far as I am concerned I needed a large scoring affair like 41-34 on MNF with Roy Williams and DeAngelo Williams scoring lots of points. And so I find out that the game ended up being 21-7 because it ends past my bedtime. And the result is a defeat that puts me at 2-1.



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