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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 3

The offense was one-sided. The offense was nonexistent. The scores were not going your way. I have found out that by Week 3 the scoring takes a tumble on one side and gets amped up on the other side. Offenses that were just fine in the beginning of the year (see San Francisco 49ers) are not going anywhere anytime soon. It is strange days indeed.

Most Peculiar Momma!

It was Mr. John Lennon who knew about strange days, but the NFL has become as peculiar. Just look at the scores! There were eight teams that scored 13 points or less this week heading into the Monday Night game. How can that be? Can it be that the offenses are getting worse? Can it be the defenses becoming better? What is happening is the beginning of a trend in a subset of data. What we all knew in the first two games, which wasn’t much, has become more and more murky. The strange part is that your brain will forget about these beginning weeks and by Week 10 a firm list of haves and have nots will appear and all will seem orderly from the beginning. For me, I need that Chicago defense to come up big.


Those signs are some of the oldest in my NFL memory. They represent to me a cliche and kitchy statement all at the same time. It is part Americana and art. The Chicago Bears are very good against the run. I need them to be because my opponent just needs 16 points from Brandon Jackson to seal my first defeat. But, the Green Bay Packers are going with a three-man running back by committee. No good comes out of this in the fantasy football world. In the end I prevailed because of the committee and now I am 3-0.

Dear Diary

For those who follow this article regularly, you know a little bit about me. I like to play golf and I like to train for half-marathons. And after I ran my first full marathon earlier this year, I have learned that half marathons (13.1 miles) just are not that bad when compared with the full marathon (26.2 miles). The reason being while training for the full marathon there was a seven-week period where I ran six half-marathons or longer every weekend. But it was only after training and running a full marathon did I realize it. I keep thinking to myself would it be easier to run a marathon if I trained to run 40 miles? Probably, but who has the time?

This weekend, the 2010 Ryder Cup kicks off at The Celtic Manor Resort in the city of Newport, Wales. It happens every two years. The Ryder Cup is America’s best golfers against Europe’s best golfers. This weekend is its own marathon for golfers. And on Friday, the golf will be live from 2:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. So what is the point?

Only in the Ryder Cup do my two favorite things come together. It is a marathon of golf. This is a warning to everyone out there that has a loved one who loves golf.   They may not come out of the HD hut until Sunday around 1 p.m. Just in time to watch seven hours of football!

– Master D.

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