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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 3

Feast or famine strikes the hearts of fantasy football owners everywhere.   The third week is about settling in and figuring some stuff out.   It is right about now when you figure out what teams are going to bring the offense this year.   Just look at Darren McFadden of those Oakland Raiders.   When you can get those kind of points from your running back versus the New York Jets, those types of dudes are for real.   As far as I am concerned, it was a little bit less than expected.

Sunday Loss

You look up the players and the start times for the games and you notice something peculiar.   No one on either my team or my opponent’s team had any starters in the Sunday night game or the Monday Night game.   That means by half time on Sunday afternoon of the double-header all will be revealed.   And all was revealed by that time, alright.   A Sunday loss or a Sunday win and in this case it was a Sunday loss.

Vick Breaks Non-Throwing Hand

When you see that come across the screen you are in for a long day.    The combination of Maclin and Vick resulted in 66 points alone the week before.   Sixty six points out of two players is crazy talk.   And this week it went the other direction.   The results were not at all unexpected for you cannot keep up that pace.   But the pace is what makes your team successful in combination with the pace of the other guy’s team.   The other guy had Drew Brees and Wes Welker. That pair went for 86 points with Welker coming in with 50 points to the good.   Fifty points for a receiver is almost unheard of.  The combination of me going to the bad and Welker going to the good made for a long weekend.

Dear Diary

It is that time of year again where I get to find out how my training went and go through the motions of running a half-marathon.   Those half-marathons are great when compared to a full marathon.   But they are still not a walk in the park.  

It appears that there are two crowds at these events.   The first 25–30% are comprised of those who are training for a marathon down the line which is usually in January or so and this event falls right during the time they are running around 14 miles.   For them, this event represents a well deserved diversion.   It also grants them a qualifying time for where they will be placed in the marathon’s starting line.   The rest of the people are thoroughly enjoying themselves.  

I love the group that somehow enjoys this event.   You can tell because they are finishing around 3-4 hours and they seem to be running the last mile or so but how they got to mile 12 is anyone’s guess.   The race goes on and good times are had by all.   Then we hunker down for the winter and pack on some winter insulation.

Master D.

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