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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 4

It is Week 4 in the NFL. My fantasy football team comes into the Monday Night Game needing one point for a tie and two points for a victory. It all comes down to the foot of Garrett Hartley for the New Orleans Saints. This should be a no brainer, right? Unless the Miami Dolphins defense shuts down and shuts out the New Orleans Saints at home. Yeah like that is going to happen, right? Speaking of defense, this week is brought to you by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Indianapolis Big “D”

Thank you, Jacksonville Jaguars. I was able to get the Indianapolis Colts defense/special teams and they carried the week for me. Was it the three interceptions? That helped. Was it the four sacks? Sure it was decent. It was the defensive touchdown that put me over the top. Just like that, the Indianapolis Colts defense/special teams scored 30 points. I am still chasing my running back woes but I will take the points no matter what.

And When Garrett Hartley Kicked That Point After

So back to Monday Night Football, and, as you know, my win pivots on Hartley’s right hip. With 8:01 to go in the second quarter when Drew Brees got into the end zone, Hartley kicked a measly point after and sealed the win for The Cromwell Demolition. The team is 2-2 and trying to fight back. I did put all my eggs into the Atlanta Falcons’ basket and this may come back to haunt me when we get to the second half of the season. Only time will tell. This week’s diary entry is all about the local team.

Dear Diary

The New England Patriots are a polarizing force in the NFL. Their track record and the way that they attain this is the subject of many comments from all NFL types. Some of the comments are positive, but most of the time the head coach and the star quarterback steal the ire from former players and current pundits.

So it is in unremarkable fashion that I report the New England Patriots played a very good game in a hostile environment on Sunday Night. Those blue squares, which indicate a cold player, are popping up all over the Atlanta Falcons team this week. It is because New England shut down Atlanta in its home stadium, which is loud as a rock concert.

This means that New England is getting better and the rest of the league is standing still. This is directed at every team with the exception of the Denver Broncos, of course. They are on a different planet in their own universe for now.

Master D.

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