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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 4

It is going to be an easy, victorious week.  A week that will set me two games above .500.  All that needs to happen is Brian Westbrook needs to play and TE Mr. Smith needs to do his usual catches.  All I can say is Uh Oh!  The highs and lows of fantasy football were experienced this week and it was not pretty.

Westbrook Is Starting…NOT!

And the information came long after any changes could be made to the team that all you can do my friends is stare at the big fat 0 being slotted into his position.  The funny part is that a typical Westbrook game would have given me the victory.  But no Westbrook means defeat.  Oh the pit of it all.  And to make matters worse, your opponent has McNabb as the starter and he ran two in and threw two for a total of 18 points right there!  Ughhhhhhhhhh!  So I head into week 5 2-2 and without any assurance that anything is going to happen in the right direction. So what can I do?  Well, I can talk about the Red Sox Season, that’s what.

Red Sox vs. Yankees Part Four

Now, since this is a diary, I have had tendencies in the past to wax poetically about the Red Sox.  And this year is no different.  You see, the Red Sox tried and came close in 2003 and then won it all in 2004 and in 2005 had the same record as the Yankees at the end of the season.  Now in 2006, the Red Sox had a division lead for quite a while (like 4 months) only to lose it in dramatic fashion culminating in a 5 game sweep of the Red Sox by the Yankees in the middle of August.  For recent fans this was devastating.  For me…well you see I have been around this gig since 1975 so it was not that all different.  In the end, the Sox have to re-tool and the Yanks … I guess they just have to keep winning.  This cannot go on forever.  It only feels that way with 9 straight AL east division titles to show.  I tip my hat to those Yankees.  They continue to win in the face of adversity.  I just hope for pitching along with every other team.

 Master D.

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