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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 4

Everyone writes that Larry Johnson is done. Well why is there a little orange box around his name? Many experts wrote that it would be a good idea to sit Larry against

San Diego this last weekend. Well then all of you Zigged while Larry zagged resulting in another victorious week. Sometimes don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Lions and Tigers and Chargers!… Oh My!

All the information that is fit for print should be printed on toilet paper. At least it would eventually be put to a better use. Now that quote or paraphrase is at the essence of my article this week. The Fantasy Football landscape is littered with writing and talking heads and now webcasts with very attractive people telling me about this player or that player. This is all good. In fact more information you can get the will only result in your attempt at making his all work out. But beware that you and you alone are responsible for your lineup each week. When you hit the button and the choice has been made. It is your choice. I could have gone with RBs that have had a better last few weeks than Larry. But I did not. Eventually it would have to pay off. And this week it did despite the freak out over the Chargers. Hello! Last year they went 14-2 and then fired the coach and now? They are 1-3. Hmmm… that coach looks better and better and I am back in the winners circle again this year. Just like the Red Sox. Sounds like another Diary entry.

Dear Diary : The Red Sox & Baseball in October

Dear Diary, the Red Sox made it to the end of the year with home field advantage throughout the playoffs. And since the A.L. won the All-Star game, home field can be found at the World Series for the A.L. representative. Hey, what can I say? I officially pressed the panic button at 2.5 games. It got down to 1.5 games but it never got worse and along the way came the best record in the American League (Ok they tied with

Cleveland but broke the tiebreaker based upon head to head records. A win is a win).

One of the best jokes / statements about the Red Sox has been told and retold numerous times. I have heard it the most on Yankee broadcasts. This is fine. I will repeat it here for you. “What is the difference between a Fenway Frank and a Yankee Stadium Frank? Why the answer is simple… it is not the spices or the filling. It is the fact that the Yankee Stadium Frank is served in October.” Ouch! I thought even the mighty Fenway Frank could avoid criticism. But that is fading for this is a new era in Red Sox Baseball.

It is the fourth time in five years that the Red Sox have made it to the postseason with them winning it all in 2004. In the end of 2007, there are four very evenly matched teams. They are the Yankees vs Indians… and the Sox vs Angels. Why do I get the feeling that it is going to be another Red Sox vs Yankee ALCS? My heart cannot take this because NY has something to prove! But that is why they play the games. It is not for the lighthearted for the loser goes home.

Games will be late and sleep will be hard to come by. But after all that weird jig-like dancing from Papelbon on the field in his spandex, I certainly hope they come together. Go Sox!

Master D.

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