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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 4

It is Favre night in the

land of

Football and where were you?

  I was watching the game and seeing that things are not really going my way.

  But when it is the bye week, there is not much you can do. 

  Three of my starters are on a bye week so it is going to be a luck of the draw kind of night.

  The moral of the story is to just get through it.

  Kind of like grin and bear it.


Ain’t No Lie – Bye Bye Bye!

Oh that N’Sync.

  Cuz’ it ain’t no lie.

  It is bye, bye, bye for me with three of my starters out for the week.

  My opponent has three starters out as well but I don’t believe these three to be an integral part of the team.

  What it came down to was I really needed The New Orleans Saints to score conventional offensive touchdowns instead of defensive touchdowns.

  With one half to go I had to hope that Chester Taylor sees more offense and all the while have the Green Bay defense pull off a couple more turnovers for touchdowns.

  In the end, it did not happen and I fall to 2-2.

  This part of the year is always a struggle until the team gets going.

  Will the team ever get going for me?

  Only time will tell.

  My diary entry has to be about playoff baseball.


Dear Diary : The Red Sox & Baseball in October Again

Dear Diary, the Red Sox find themselves in the playoffs again.

  I certainly love being spoiled this way.

  The team has two dominant starters and two dominant relievers.

  They are playing the Angels of Anaheim yet again.

  The Angels are a team that has always been great during the regular season only to fail in the playoffs against the Red Sox.

  When the Angels play against the Yankees, they somehow win or at least play really tough.

But the Red Sox deserve to be the A.L. Wildcard team.

  All the games they lost to the Yanks in the 2nd half in combination with an awful start after the All-Star break left the team deserving of the Wildcard.


I only worry because the Angels are due for a victory.

  In the game of life, things eventually even out.

  Just ask the Red Sox in 2004.

  2007 seemed to me icing on the cake.

  Will this year’s playoffs bring Ice Cream?

Who knows but I will most definitely be watching.

As usual, the games will be late and sleep will be hard to come by and the Angels have a well-balanced team based upon pitching and hitting.

  All I can say is Go Sox!

Master D.

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