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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 4

So I am watching the Ryder Cup. I am watching football. I am into sports up to my eyeballs. And somewhere along the way, you also get an update on your team and then you think, “I am glad I am watching the Ryder Cup!” When your opponent’s team goes big, it is disconcerting. You can actually see the end of the week on Sunday. So I get to write my first Sunday loss article.  

Sunday Loss

A Sunday loss happens from time to time. A Sunday loss means that a miracle Monday Night performance will not help at all. A Sunday loss implies no hope. By the time Arian Foster is done running all over town, you realize that even with Miles Austin out this week, it does not matter. Now my team is 3-1 but you have to always be alert in this game. The team goes the way of the teams they play for my friends. So when Michael Vick goes out and Kevin Kolb comes in, DeSean Jackson is not in the game as much as he should be. When your tight end is Vernon Davis and San Francisco is scoring defensively, that means you are out of luck. It is the trend that has to be your friend.  

The Trend Is Your Friend

At this point in the fantasy football season, you are learning a little bit more about your team. You are only as good as your teams. Some teams are emerging as offensive juggernauts like the Texans and that Arian Foster. Some teams are running into difficulties like San Francisco. It is all the beginning of a trend. Look for the trend in the hot teams to pick up backup players. Who could have thought that Austin Collie would go for 14 points in Week 4? Keep picking up trendy players and you will get your team back together. This week’s diary entry is about running a half marathon at night.  

Dear Diary: So What Were You Doing At 10 p.m. Saturday Night?

It is Saturday night. It is 10 p.m. and the gun goes off for the beginning of a half-marathon. All the training from June will be determined in the next few hours. But I find myself wondering out loud, “What is the deal with this?” at Mile 7. Why? Because who has got two thumbs and is still running after 11 p.m.? This guy!

In the end, it was a magical evening and the tour around the well-lit course. Running with 12,000 other runners means you are never alone. There was a relay at this race as well. The first group ran only about five miles. The second leg was more than eight miles. Now that is no fun for the second runner, is it?

Finishing after midnight is surreal and you really cannot go to bed.
  But when you do you sleep well.  A slumber well earned.

Master D.

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