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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 4

Oh, the NFL is creating buzz like it always does. However, there are consequences to the NBA not being in business yet. Something could come through, but until then it is all NFL all the time. Will Tony Romo blow another? Will Michael Vick struggle again? These type of circular stories are self-fulfillment really. All of it is talk and all of it is real for the talkers. For me, it is just about the games and the consequences of the actions. For fantasy football owners, it is about winning … and these are dangerous times.

Threat Level Orange Or Is It Tangerine?

These are dangerous times for fantasy owners. If you are 4-0 that means you have not stepped in it. If you are 0-4, you have. No matter what your record, the very next move you make should be to improve your team. But everyone in the league is doing the same. These have a balancing effect, and the majority of the teams in your fantasy football league should be .500. That is where I am because of the Baltimore Ravens’ defense. Can you believe they had three scores on turnovers? That was enough to waste excellent performances and plenty of points to win. But this is what happens when you step in it.

My diary entry has to be about the Boston Red Sox story that finally came to a conclusion.

Dear Diary,

I could not write about the Red Sox because the story was not yet told. It is told now and it is very hard to relive. The Red Sox lost their way through September and missed the playoffs by one game. They never won two games in a row in September and finished the month with seven wins and 20 losses. The skipper Terry “Tito” Francona is gone, and who knows what other changes they will make? How will we replace the gentleman who brought two World Series championships to Boston?

He was only 8-0 in World Series games. Where is the love? But I would be naive to believe that there would be zero consequences to an epic collapse. The maker of this collapse is to blame. The problem is that there are so many bricks in this maker’s wall each with their own name and story. Unlike childhood games where someone would call “do over,” there is no “do over” to be had and plenty of blame to go around.

The issue is that the window of time is closing on this team and at one time this year they were 70-33. How can they be the same team that went 7-20 down the stretch? They can because they are and everything is earned in America. Even a playoff run … or lack there of.

Master D.

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