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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 4

So you are spiraling out of control at 0-4 or 4-0 winning crazy with healthy players that are not being sat down for conduct detrimental to the team.  All of the rest of us fools are treading in the milieu that is mediocrity.  Now 3-1 is respectable but you have to face the fact it is not 4-0.  But it is better than 1-4.  Where I am is 2-2.  Yin and Yang are throwing down a no holds barred mud fight and no one is victorious.  This week we look at the NFL injury game and the Sunday win.

The Game Time Decision

There is a game being played in the NFL.  It is not the one involving the play on the gridiron.  In order to keep everyone off-balance, there is a new status called Game Time Decision.  This benefits most teams because they do not have to make a decision to play somebody until Game Time.  I get this part but what twiddles with the gray-matter is that all of these programs that manage your players ONLY allow you to put someone on the injured reserve list and pick up another player iff (that’s if and only if) the player is injured.  So there is this tepid bouillabaisse that these players exist and the tempest created by this group is the source of malaise to the Fantasy Shark. The crux of the issue is that these programs disallow you from picking up a backup and placing in a new player.  That is unless you drop somebody else.  Why would I do that?  With my luck someone else will just grab the player/team that I dropped and play them against me.  Nothing is worse than getting beat with the players you had to drop to fill a Game Time Decision.  That is just harsh.  Knowing my Fantasy Football luck, that player/team that I dropped will bust out and be the reason I miss the playoffs. Lets now move on to a nicer topic.  The Sunday win, because if you win on Sunday, all is good in the world.

The Sunday Win!

The Sunday Win is caused when neither you nor your opponent have a player in the Monday game.  This means that your fate will be realized in the waning hours of Sunday evening vs. the Tuesday morning climactic ending.  The Sunday win means watching the Monday game without a root for or root against scenario.  The absence of real positive or negative emotion brings out the true meaning of the game.  Games are just games and players just play.  No more heartbreak when your Monday QB throws an interception or the opponent WR catches a touchdown.  No more live scoring where you can see your team getting passed in Real Time.  Real games with no Fantasy Football consequences make play seem to go by faster and make myself really enjoy the announcers and the football.  All Sunday wins imply that the Captain is in a good mood this week. 

Captain’s Log – 09-28-2003 – 11:00 PM

All at the nearest atoll garnered a much needed but brief respite and a few scallywags were found that might just fit the bill.  We set off with two new hands and just as we pointed in the right direction, the fourth obstacle appeared.  The fourth obstacle was another mine and Monsieur Davis d’ Stephen of the Panthers d’ Carolina was up to the task.  He may not have been informed about the malaise that had affected Monsieur Henry d’ Travis of the Bills d’ Buffalo but played his heart out.  Monsieur Henry was below the poop deck and still under observation.  The mood on the ship had become crestfallen to the point of why.  Why was it that our team cannot get by these obstacles?  Why can all the players not act in a way that is not detrimental to the team? Why? Why? Why?  The answer is that this is a long and mostly random journey.  The good comes with the bad and the unknown becomes known only in time for more randomness.  Our randomness was good enough for a Sunday victory this week.  By missing the fourth obstacle our record stands at 2-2.  I feel neither highs nor lows right now.  This start has left us behind the others in this contest and we need more wind in our Sail.  Hopefully the poop deck will be emptied of the injured holding us back.  Another stop at an atoll will leave us perilously behind.  I sure miss saying Arrghhh so here’s to a victory… Arrghhh!

Master D.

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