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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 5

When you put all your eggs in one basket, sometimes the basket falls and all your eggs get broken. I know that doesn’t sound as good as Benjamin Franklin’s “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But what did he know? That was before the Federal Income Tax, Ben! Now a penny saved is a .0128 penny earned for most of us. 
It is even more if you take into effect state confiscation. Take that! Speaking of taking that, it has occurred to me that all is just not well.

Another Monday Night Affair

I have a Monday Night to impress. The problem is that I need to have three players produce 65 points to tie. To tie! Well. That never happened and I fell to 2-3 and my lost fantasy year is taking shape. When you cannot get out of your own way in fantasy football, you end up looking for a solution that never arrives. I have stretched my team and even played the Jacksonville Jaguars opponent for two weeks. In the end it just wasn’t enough. But this leads into my revelation that all is still ok.

The Fantasy Football Season Is On The Line

I have learned something over the years even though I play that Virgin role. The first two weeks of October mark the beginning of an NFL trend and if you acquire the right player(s) down the stretch, winning your fantasy football league will be the outcome. If you don’t trust me, other league participants will. So take a shot and go for it now. You can take your queue from our very own TD Hill and
his 10 Names You Should Know – Week 6

article. Go here weekly for the next four weeks and you will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you, TD Hill! My diary entry is a little random.

Dear Diary

New England. The leaves are turning and you will soon be asking “Who turned on the air conditioning outside?” As the temperature goes down and the leaves change colors, I am reminded of all the things that make fall in New England great. That crisp apple. That pumpkin pie. The Red Sox in the playoffs. This happens to be true this year so I am batting a perfect 1.000.

I attended the Red Sox playoff game on Friday against the Tampa Bay Rays. It was a route and the Sox prevailed 12-2. I taped the game and it was better watching it on the DVR. Just fast forwarding to watch the 12 runs and you have something special.

Hopefully the Sox will keep it up. In the meantime, improve your fantasy football team every week. Never stop improving. You are only one player away from domination.

Master D.

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