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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 5

In New England this week … Boston Red Sox / New York Yankees … people seem to be a bit distracted.  No matter where you go … Red Sox / Yankees … there is a different mood that is distant and aloof.  I, however … Sox / Yanks … will never succumb to the shear madness on this side of the United States because Fantasy Sharks has a Worldwide audience.  So lets look at last week in the Virgin Chronicles … BoSox / Bronx Bombers … and ignore the omnipresent sports situation that has befallen this region… Americans / Highlanders (in 1903).  Or maybe not…

The Boston Red Sox vs. The New York Yankees — Part Deux

If I went on without saying anything, it would not be a diary now would it?  It seems the hopes of Red Sox Nation ebb and flow with the team whilst the Yankee fans seem stoic in the face of improbable odds.  The Yanks are able to project the veneer of a winner and the sox seem to walk in to the room confident in their abilities only to be taken to the woodshed when it counts the most.  The 2003 Red Sox really did have a 3 run lead with only 6 outs to go in game 7.  They really did!  We can only hope that this equation …

Schilling + Foulke – Todd Walker + Mark Bellhorn = 7th Game Victory

Those are the only serious changes over last year’s team.  But remember, much like our Fantasy Football games, what looks good on paper does not necessarily work.  That is why they play the games.  Next weeks Virgin entry will either be joyous or crestfallen.  There is always next week and that must be hope!  Speaking of hope, how do you manage a Fantasy Football Team when no one is performing?

Horses For Courses

Now after five weeks, it has become apparent what your team is.  The statistical analysis can be summed up by your wins / losses.  And you know all the fantasy teams with Manning/ Culpepper/McNabb and Barber/Martin/Tomlinson and Walker/Johnson/Owens in their QB/RB/WR slot are doing just fine.  And all of those who have players from teams not doing so well are … well just losing.  You may be a little bit down and out but the hot teams have the Horses that will run through the league and win.  These were the players to draft and some of them are surprises.  But that is what makes Fantasy Football so great.  As for me, this week is like all the other odd weeks…a loss.  I have lost games 1, 3, 5 and won games 2 and 4.  At this rate 7 and 7 is not going to cut it for an overall record.  So it comes down to a trade or two that must be made.  So what did the Captain do this last week?  He stumbled as well.

Captain’s Log – 10-11-2004 – 11:00 PM

On the bow of the Demolition I purveyed over the salty horizon.  My gaze took me straight out to that point where the horizon touches the angry sea.  Our next obstacle was out there and I was unable to discern the up from the down and the emergency that could be at hand.  Our next obstacle was out there and all the shifts in the crow’s nest by all the able-eyed sailors had not reaped us what we had sown.  When out on the horizon, very small at first, a small water spout formed.  Artemis screamed …”Hard to Starboard!” and we tracked that direction but the spout whistled and slammed across our bow.  I asked Artemis what week it was and he stated …”Five … sir”.  And much likes weeks 1 and 3, week 5 was a futile attempt at securing nothing more than our pride.  We need to get out of our rut.

Master D.

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