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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 5

This week is a little bit about luck.  This week is a little bit about good fortune.  And this week is a little bit about a 20th High School Reunion.  Hey it’s a diary isn’t it?  So let us begin with the week that was.  Let’s start out with the saga known as The Whimsy of The Westbrook.

Should I Play Or Should I Go Now?

When you have a great RB like Westbrook who may or may not play, the anticipation is just … well making me wait.  The whole week becomes an episode of … Watch the ESPN update.  So you wish they would just make up their mind already.  The game is starting at 4 pm-ish and the word comes through that he WILL be starting.  This happens at 3:15 which means if he wasn’t starting and you did not have a backup RB who was also starting at 4 pm-ish, you receive the 0 points … just like last week.  But it ended up being a bit of good luck that Westbrook started.  Now we need good fortune.

Good Fortune At The End Of The Day

Why not?  All of us need some good fortune.  And here I am looking at the score on the Sunday night game and I am winning 77-73 with ½ left to go and TE Heath Miller as my opponent.  If he makes one catch for 40 yards, I lose.  If he makes 3 catches for just 20 yards, I lose.  And so I watch and wait.  I think while observing those outrageous light powder blue San Diego Charger uniforms that this would be an appropriate way to lose.  A diving TE Heath Miller moving my opponent into the realm of victory.  And in the second half there is a catch!  Now all my opponent needs is two more Heath Miller catches for less than 10 yards or 1 catch for 10 yards or more.  And I watch and watch and it never comes.  The Demolition squeaks by with a 77-76 victory that is just too close for comfort.  But onto the diary and this week’s diary entry should go to a sensitive area.  That’s right, my 20th High School Reunion.

Dear Diary

What does 20 years do to a soul?  What does 20 years do to a mind?  What does 20 years do to a body?  Well I was about to find out as I wandered into the Mystic Marriott on Saturday, October 7th.  I was totally unaware as to how many of my fellow 1986 Alumni were going to appear.  There were about 300 of us who graduated those 20 years ago from a Private Catholic High School and time was going to catch up with all of us.  So I entered.

Upon entry, I came across my History teacher Dr. C.  “Tim! I always thought you were going to be a History professor!” … he exclaimed to me.  I thanked him very much for the compliment and realized that getting A’s in History has a tendency to skew things but I loved History and I loved taking History from Mr. C.  He was just fantastic and I guess I was enthusiastic enough to be remembered.  This is hard to do my friends when a teacher has been doing this for forty years so I am humbled by the memory and thrilled to be a part of my teacher’s own “History”.  Next came the friends and the not so friends.

The friends were very gracious.  It is amazing what 20 years does to a relationship.  There were people that I have not seen in 20 years but when we talked, there was this very funny way of talking that “reminds” you how you used to talk when you were 17 years old.  It comes out and the sense of satisfaction in this repartee is beyond positive.  I found myself having such a good time just speaking to the people who knew me before my career that the night went by in a flash.  Then there were the not so friends.

Another great thing about time is that the not so friends don’t even realize that they were mean to you.  In the end, you talk about very strange things like travels, children, careers and come out the other end mystified why they would talk to you after all these years.  But time has a way of doing that.  I think also the libations that they were serving at the bar may add to the festiveness of the occasion.

I would not sully the reputation of the crew by naming the whole names, but to Jenn, Mike, Mary, Leah, Kevin, Karen, Mary, Michelle, Kerry, Mary, and Nancy who occupied some time during the evening, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to say hello.  I walked through a time warp and the talk was therapeutic and bittersweet for it’s length was too short. 

I highly recommend that you attend your reunion … especially after it reaches the 20 year mark.  The entertainment value alone cannot be expressed.  To make it even funnier, leave your loved one / spouse behind.  I mean really!  Do they have to endure your life before they met you?  This is unless of course your spouse is someone you met in your High School.  No … I am not commenting on that one this week.

Hopefully, the next five years will treat us with the same good fortune.  Happy 20th St. B’s Class of 1986.

 Master D.

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