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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin, Week 5

Fantasy Football is great when you are leading on Sunday night. It gets better when you are leading and your opponent has no more players. But I tell you that it gets outright disconcerting when the Monday Night game starts out with two interceptions by Romo resulting in -4 points. This means that for a small bit of time, you are actually losing. Now if I can just avoid Romo getting injured and T.O. catches a few, I will be ok. I will report out on my status at the end of this article. Let us begin with the underdog.

From The Outhouse To The Penthouse

The performer of the week for my team was Mr. R. Brown of the Miami Dolphins. For the 25 fantasy points you earned this week, it was impressive. Only just a few weeks ago, there was a cold square next to his name. Now there is an orange square. Blue squares are cold players. Orange squares are hot players. It is not very often that the squares change in a matter of weeks. But for you sir it did and a job well done. Other than that, it would be remiss if I did not talk about the trends of the early season. Not the year that a high draft makes you win nor the past makes the present worthy.

Where Is the Big O

The Big O is offense of course. And for those who took the likes of Brees and Tomlinson (though he is coming on lately), it still is a rather amazing year of low numbers. I don’t know about your league but our league is seeing some low totals for final scores. More teams in our league last year had more points at this time in our league than the same time this year. Scoring in football may not be down, but the people doing the scoring are not necessarily on anyone’s team. Take for example the

Carolina vs

New Orleans matchup this week. Drew Brees had more passing yards (252) than the Total Net Yards of the Carolina Panthers (243) and the New Orleans Saints still ended up losing on a John Kasay 53 yarder with time running out. Anemic is a kind word to describe the fantasy points earned by some this year. And that is the way the trend goes. Some trends are up and others are down. Some teams are doing well and others are not. I am riding the tandem of the Romo and the T.O. I have no idea what I am going to do during their week 8 bye.

And oh yes, by the end of the article, on a Tony Romo touchdown and 74 yards passing, I have taken a 4 point lead over my opponent. It looks like a victory may work out. So what does the Diary have to say this week?

Dear Diary

The problem (Red Sox) with anything in

New England (Red Sox) has to do with a certain baseball (Red Sox) team. They are always on the (Red Sox) mind and only go away when you are sleeping. But usually the dreams are usually of the team’s inevitable destiny in The World Series (Home Field). For most fans of this team however not every dream is a win. There is a scenario where we have to rely upon some shady bullpen pitcher and it all goes wrong. But that is only the nightmare portion of this recurring dream. Hopefully the nightmares will go away and be replaced with rain (we need it) and boring tasks like raking and celebrating.

I guess we will all know in two weeks. Until then,

New England will slow down and lose sleep. I am getting groggy right now!

 Master D.

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