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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 5

It comes right down to the end sometimes. For example, I need 27 points from Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson and Robert Meachem. I have seen Brees get 27 points by himself. I have seen Peterson do the same. So why can’t we just split the difference and get out of dodge, OK? But since my outcome will not be determined until much later in the evening, I will talk about some forward thinking in this Fantasy Football gig.

Looking Ahead

One of the things you can do right now is try to figure out who you can play with the various bye week combinations. I just did this with my D/ST. I got the Steelers, but they are on a bye this week. So I looked at all the available teams and lo’ and behold, the Saints are available. Now the Saints are not the greatest team but that does not necessarily matter when the team is playing the Oakland Raiders. Try to take advantage of any D/ST that is playing one of the winless teams and you will be surprised. Just like the outcome of the Chiefs-Panthers game. When a team scores zero, the D/ST puts up some juicy numbers. It is like stealing. But you need to look ahead. 


As for my team tonight, I also need those points. At this point in the proceedings, I need 13 points to win, and it is coming in on halftime. Where are my last 13 points?

   Why is Peterson having such problems? Oh well, more of that yet to come. I think it is time for another round of “It Is Time To Pick Up These Players.”

It Is Time To Pick Up These Players

With bye weeks in full swing, it is time to get some quality replacements to get you through the week. Tim Hightower is warming up, and if he is available get him. His numbers are on the rise. WR Steve Breaston is on the Arizona Cardinals team that finds QB Kurt Warner spraying accurate throws all around the desert floor. WR Brandon Stokley is being found with more frequency by QB Jay Cutler. One last WR for you would be Amani Toomer, because QB Eli Manning is making the Giants look like the team to beat this year.

Well Well Well

Late into the night, and the final result was that I was the lucky recipient of 30 points … just enough to squeak by with a victory.

 Master D.

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