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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 5

OK.   Who else had the New York Giants over the Seattle Seahawks this week?   Survivor proves that it is a tough week and an even tougher job to predict the future on a week in and week out basis.   That blockbuster turn on a dime moment in combination with an update on my Fantasy Football team rounds out the week that was.  

Survive This!

The Seattle Seahawks just do not travel East very well.   I keep on thinking about when Spongebob Squarepants tells his buddy Patrick to navigate the ship east and Patrick thinks that he heard “Weast”.   This makes absolutely no sense which is a perfect segue into the Seattle Seahawks victory over The New York Giants in

New York
.   What was that sound?   More than 90% of the survivor pools across the country exploding.   This includes my own Survivor entry.   I guess I should have gone “Weast”! My own Fantasy Team is behind with a Monday night game to go.

Monday Night Smackdown in Motown

I am down only 11 points but all I have left are the Detroit Lions’ defense.   It was an emotional play.  

has not hosted a Monday Night Football game in like forever.   They will play hard right?   The defense will break my two game losing streak right?   I would say without a doubt that I was absolutely wrong.    A loss by two points.   A couple more sacks?   A turnover please?   Nope.   That means I am on a losing streak of 3 and my team is quite talented scoring north of 120 points per week but not winning.   Such is the life of a Fantasy Football owner.

Dear Diary

I have to get better at this vacation thing.   I started this vacation with a little jog that started at 10:00 PM and ended 2 hours and fifteen minutes or so later. So, half marathon later and you are ready for a nice week of relaxation, right?

Wrong!   There were traveling conundrums followed by easy meals during the evening.   So this vacation was great and not at the same time.   Which is exactly how my Fantasy Football team is going.

Is that life imitating Fantasy or Fantasy imitating life?

 Master D.

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