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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 5

That is the reason why they play the games. Or so the story goes, right? As probabilities go, we have one constant – the unpredictability of football from week to week in the NFL. Just ask the Green Bay Packers. There are surprises and there are disappointments. These appear to be the norm, and now that the referees are real, every pregame show comfortably filled their time slots with lots and lots of NFL talk. This is a welcome event compared to the previous “ref” talk. As far as my week goes, it comes down to Monday Night.

Monday Night Outcomes

Monday Night outcomes wreak havoc on my article. I will reveal a little-known secret, but I actually write an article with two outcomes and then wake up early Tuesday morning and submit the article with the correct outcome. When it comes down to Monday Night outcomes, the games are taking about 3-3.5 hours, so I know the outcome that night, but I like to sleep on it. Does it improve my writing? I would be the first to say probably not. And this week it comes down to my tight end Owen Daniels against The New York Jets defense. On the strength of a Monday Night victory by Houston, I prevail, making my record 4-1. But do not rest on your laurels, my friends.  The time has come to get into a regular routine of grabbing players for the final push.

This Is Where You Win Or Lose The Fantasy Season

I have learned something over the years even though I play that Virgin role. The first two weeks of October marks the beginning of an NFL trend, and if you acquire the right player(s) down the stretch, winning your fantasy football league will be the outcome. If you don’t trust me, your other league participants will. So take a shot and go for it now. You can take your queue from our very own Doug Coutts and his
Waiver Wire Wonders – Week 5
article. Go here weekly for the next four weeks and you will be pleasantly surprised. I used his article to find Scott Chandler as my tight end for a bye week replacement. So Coutts’ article is “multi-factorial” to quote Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington. I think it is really good for seeing the future and that just will happen without much effort, so you might as well be prepared. My diary entry is a little random. But you get this way after running 25 miles over the weekend.

Dear Diary

And just like that it is cold in New England. Who turned on the air conditioning outside? As the temperature goes down and the leaves change colors, I am reminded of all the things that make fall in New England great. That crisp apple. That pumpkin pie. The Boston Red Sox in the playoffs. Ouch! Well two-out-of-three is not all bad. And the Bobby Valentine era officially ended.

On a sullen note, this is the first fall without my dad. The first fall without my dad is noteworthy. He would be someone I could talk to and ask about the days of yore. In the past few years it was not really a fully cognitive interaction but he would talk about different experiences nonetheless. I guess it is the little things that I will miss.

But there was nothing small about what I saw today when I went to the local hardware store. Someone was fluffing plastic Christmas trees for sale. Hello, people! It is the first week of October! I thought I had until Nov. 1 to deal with this. It really cannot get any earlier, can it?

Master D.

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