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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 6

This week is about finding the end zone, or shall I say about how to not find the end zone? This is supposedly happening more and more regularly in the NFL, but there are strange sequences occurring. By Week 6, the league is running through the paces of the haves and the have nots.

Why Is It So Lonely Here In The End Zone?

By Week 6, there are good stories like the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions. By Week 6, there are bad stories like Indianapolis, Miami, Minnesota, St. Louis and Denver. To make matters worse, it does not mean a thing if you have a stud performer on one of the bad teams because at times the best they can score is three points. For example, see the Rams with their three points and the Vikings with their 10 points scored. Now is the time when you figure out that all that pre-draft work means nothing if your team cannot find the end zone. I guess that is why it is so lonely for some teams.

I Will Take One Touchdown Shaken Not Stirred

Sometimes you look at your team and they pile it on like what happened in Week 2 with 167 points from two passing touchdowns, one rushing touchdown, and three receiving touchdowns, making six touchdowns overall. Come on! Spread the wealth around. This week I managed just one touchdown. Just one! In the NFL, when you have six players capable of touchdowns and you only get one measly touchdown it makes you wonder how you got to 84 points at all. Gone are the days when I would get that from Jeremy Maclin and Michael Vick alone. It is time to do some fantasy football soul searching. The seas are getting a bit rough.

Dear Diary

It was good to be back after a long vacation. I wrote two articles whilst on vacation and ran a half-marathon. All in a good week’s work I say, and as weird as this sounds, it is not the first time nor will it probably be the last.

Beware of these times. These are the times that involve summer waning and the leaves are on their way out. In New England, it appears that the collective populace are bracing for another tedious winter. The very last winter was so insidious that it is often spoke of in hushed tones.

I am in it at this time for the leaves which are not as pretty as they normally are due to Hurricane Irene. Thanks, Irene. Not only did you take away power for several days but you took my bright reds and beautiful oranges. I see them all around New England but not here in our neck of the woods.

That is why we have to stick our neck out and visit Maine I guess.

Master D.

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