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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 6

The virginator is in trouble this week. Not only is my quarterback Drew Brees taking a siesta, but my opponent is playing Aaron Rodgers. Yikes! I have prepared for this day by getting Andy Dalton to throw his hat into the ring playing the Cleveland Browns. Sometimes preparations are meaningless. Things have to give, and I need some Monday Night magic from Eric Decker. But there is winning and losing, and just getting into trouble by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

There Are So Many Ways To Lose

Sometimes you lose because of a poor performance by one player on your team. Sometimes there is an injury very early on. Both of these scenarios play out when you have a player with less than five points. Or, even worse, just imagine if your tight end is outscored by your kicker. That happened to me this week, thank you very much. The toughest way to lose is when you run into a buzzsaw like Aaron Rodgers. He had six touchdown passes this week. Where is the running game, Green Bay? Oh yeah that is right, it is a throwing league. So Aaron Rodgers goes for 53 but I have a Monday Night player in wide receiver Eric Decker.

The Stack Was Decker’d

In the end, Peyton Manning was throwing the ball alright. He just did not throw it to Eric Decker enough in the beginning of the game. To counter a week like Aaron Rodgers had, I needed Decker to achieve 16 points. I will take it any way. Eight catches for 80 yards? How about three catches for 10 yards with two touchdowns? Come on! Show the team a little something-something. In the end, it was a Manning led Denver miraculous comeback after being down 24 – 0 at halftime and Decker with 21 point on 98 ReYd, ReTD (7) & 6 Recpt. I will take it!  I improve to 5-1 and avoided the wrath of Aaron Rodgers. My late-round draft selection of Andy Dalton was great all things considered and contributed to the cause with 31 points.

My diary entry is about the hometown team.

Dear Diary

The hometown team in our neck of the woods is the New England Patriots. Immediately, if you are not from New England or you root for another team, your eyes will roll. I find it interesting that a professional football team can create such contrasting emotions – lots of emotions for and lots of emotions against.

In the 1970s, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the 1980s and into the beginning of 1990s, it was the San Francisco 49ers. The 2000s were the decade for the Patriots.

Losing two of the last five Super Bowls takes nothing away from the record that the Patriots had during the early portion of the 2000s. It does show that the team is very good and is still competing. The other teams in the league may not have found a way to defeat the Patriots, but one has. That would be the New York Giants.

Notably, the New York Giants appear to have found and exploited a New England weakness. In very big games, the obsession to not make a mistake leads to very controlled play. These kinds of games make the whole outcome come down to a few snaps, resulting in close scores.

Other teams are doing the same thing. It involves a quick defense and lots of pressure on Tom Brady. The New England defense is evolving, or maybe even devolving.

The league is also changing to the point where the New England Patriots may no longer be the team they once were. I would never count them out, and the team was very much like this last year until they won several down the stretch and made it to the Super Bowl.

It just feels different this year.

Master D.

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