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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 6

The Virgin is on vacation this week.  Yes, this time I will be far, far, away from a computer.  Unlike writing articles from Switzerland, this is going to require some thought.  Actually, it will be a reprise of an article written in 2002.  I thought it was worthy for it talks about Halloween.  And after all, Halloween is coming.  Even though it is more than a week away, I will talk to it because I want you to think about what is coming up.  Yes the replaying of the all time classic It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!   So no articles about Fantasy Football this week, my friends, for I am persona non-grata.  Hopefully, my team will be in good hands and the results will be two victories to write about when I get back.

Dear Diary

Every year I would watch Charlie Brown and my friends as well as my conscious had several questions.  Didn’t you know that Messrs. Chuck was going to miss the ball?  Yes.   Didn’t you know that he was going to receive a rock instead of candy?  Yes.  Didn’t you also know that the back of his bald skull was going to be surreptitiously absconded and abused for a Jack O’Lantern markup? Yes. 

The only concern that I had out of all of these as a child was why each house would carry rocks and candy to hand out to children?  And how would they know to give Charlie Brown a rock?  This would seem to me like a big production for 1966.  In fact, when the Peanuts gang debuted in this show, I am led to believe that the populace should have given out candy freely to all because all of those children (that’s the current adult population like me) were growing up in a land that needed all the free candy it could get!(Civil Rights, Vietnam, JFK, etc.) 

So take that you Charlie Brown hatin’ rock givin’ Halloween House owner!  I guess my real point is that Charlie Brown kept on trying to kick the ball though he never really did accomplish the feat.  But at least he innocently kept on trying.  Maybe this means we should keep on trying as well in all our endeavors.  In my life, I have found that persistence is the rock foundation where success is built so this little skit can’t be all that bad… can it? 

The best part of the show is Linus in the Pumpkin Patch after the Great Pumpkin as snoopy did NOT show up.  Linus warns Chuck not only about the fury in a woman’s scorn.  Linus states, “That’s nothing as compared to a woman who has been cheated out of tricks or treats”. 

As a rational adult I cannot get over that this may be a cartoon shot at the 60’s threat of a woman’s equality in America.  Please realize that this profound moment may be lost unto the masses based upon the previous 23 minutes of Snoopy entertainment. 

Then again it could be just a cartoon.  Just remember also, that 25 minutes shown in a ½ hour segment means only 5 minutes of commercials which is unheard of these days.  Gosh, there is a lot of entertainment in those 25 minutes.  And without much luck, the next generation will enjoy those same 25 minutes on TV or DVD or whatever else comes down the technology front and may they interpret it the way their generation sees fit and have a platform to voice their opinion. 

 Master D.

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