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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 6

Fantasy Football has its ups.  Fantasy Football has its downs.  But can you experience a Loss and a Win and then an eventual Loss?  Why yes Captain Chaos.  Welcome to my freak Fantasy Football world.  My team seemed to be in place.  So here the week that was.

You Know You Are In Trouble When …

When you look at your team at 12:30 PM on Sunday and it’s ½ hour to gametime and you think … “You know what? My team is not all that bad this week.  Things seem to be falling into place.”   So you depart to the Plasma, grab a cerveza and immerse yourself in all things HD and Football with some snackage.  It is Sunday, mind you so you know that by the end of the day something will happen and the scores will be posted.

Scores Are Posted And It’s Going To Be a Definite Loss …

On Sunday night, my team is up by ten points.  But it’s going up against the Bears’ defense on Monday Night so this is a no brainer.  And you console yourself all Monday thinking about what you could have done better.  Why did the Texans stay with the ground game even though it was out of hand?  They should have thrown it to A. Johnson more? Oh the doubts!  Oh the shame! And since you are out and about on Monday Night, you come back to find the … Arizona Cardinals are winning 20 – 0 at halftime!  This just may be a win!

Scores Are Posted And It’s Going To Be a Definite Win …

So you now have to go to bed because it’s a work night.  Yes, this is what happens when you are older my friends.  You will understand someday I have no doubt.  And one of the interesting things is that in Fantasy Football, you start with 20 points and the points get deducted for each threshold in yards and points given up.  When I went to bed on Monday Night, I went from being 10 points down to 3 points up.  Now all I need is Arizona not to allow Chicago to pickup fumble(s)/intercept(ions) for scores and a 3 point victory will be in.

Its’ Tuesday And It’s a Definite LOSS!

Wait a second?  Why? How? What?  The final score in my Fantasy Football week was them 127 and me 110.  Hmmmm, just so happens those 18 points the defense picked up off turnovers in the second half would have meant a one point win if they did not happen.  But it did happen and that is the very nature of Fantasy Football.  Losing, Winning, and Losing all over again.  So I am back where I started the year out.  I am at 3-3 and hanging on by my chinny chin-chin.  Oh and I am out of the Survivor pool as well.

Surviving In Survivor

I made it through five weeks and I thought I had this week nailed.  You see, the key to survivor is not to pick the high profile game.  For example, picking the team that is 0-4 or 1-3 to lose is sooooo tempting.  It is downright temptatious! I know that isn’t a word but it is tempting and delicious … which would be tempticious, but I digress.   You see, taking the Bears would have been easy as would the Eagles and the Cowboys.  So I picked the Redskins!  I had already picked the Eagles and the Bears so it came down to the Cowboys over the Texans or the Redskins over the Titans.  I thought that everyone would take the Cowboys, but this would be my opportunity to save that team for another week and get mileage out of the Redskins. Right?  Wrong!  Oh, well that is the way survivor works.  Here today and gone on Sunday.  How are you doing in the Fantasy Sharks contests?  Hope you are doing well and surviving.


 Master D.

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