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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 6

Oh what a difference a week makes.

These bye weeks are bipolar to the max.

One week you are up and the next you are down. The haves and the have-nots are exposed.

There is nowhere to hide.

It is spooky in its very nature.

No wonder Halloween is just around the corner, eh? For this week let’s get back to those orange boxes and blue boxes.

Orange Boxes vs. Blue Boxes

Last week I had no fewer than five blue boxes around my team and the performance was really rough.

This week I had six orange boxes around my team, resulting in a league-best 179 points.

There were all kinds of notes flying around when the previous league best of 171 points was achieved.

  What kind of kudos will be thrown about this week?

Since I am the virgin, probably none.

But fantasy football is strange when you get 58 points one week and 179 the next.

Come on!

Spread it out a little will you?

This leads to a discussion about the perfect storm.

The Perfect Storm

And you thought I was going to write about the snow this week in

New England?

No way!

It is still way too early.

A perfect storm comes together just like a splendid chili.

All the ingredients by themselves seem to be fine, but together you have a masterpiece.

And you thought that the statue of David in

Florence was just a piece of marble?

This is not so.

It is the right blending of eye and angle for the perfect touch.

Now fantasy football cannot even exist in the same realm as the statue of David, but when it comes together like that chili you get perfection.

Just look at the weeks of Tom Brady, DeAngelo Williams, Marques Colston (and for good measure) the shutout thrown by the Packers over the Lions.

When that comes together, hold on to the hot sauce my friends because that is spicier than an episode of Man vs. Food!

Dear Diary

The day of parity in the National Football League is giving way to domination by some teams and desperation by others.

Gone are the days where games were won and lost by a touchdown or so.

This allowed for plenty of scoring in fantasy football, creating this even scoring system.

  Most years past had teams around the 8-6 or 7-7 level making it into the playoffs.

Not anymore.

There are now teams that are desperate for points with QBs that cannot direct their team into the end zone.

How strange is that? 

And also there are undefeated teams that pile on points.

It has officially gotten strange in this game, and when it’s strange there are chances that parity will no longer exist.

Master D.

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