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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 7

Bye weeks are starting to kick in across the NFL. That means some of your best players will be sitting, as well as your opponents. Next man up is what I say. This week I am going to reveal some wisdom regarding fantasy football, “Virgin” style. And I get to celebrate a Sunday win.

Always Thinking Two Weeks Ahead

The worst thing that happens in fantasy football is that there are limited players available on Thursday for the games that weekend. But what if you knew that your kicker is going to be unavailable in two weeks? Spend the time this week looking for a kicker two weeks ahead of time. Try this with all of your bye week players and if you can pull it off, that extra week helps you compete. As for my team this week it is all about turning the page.

A Win Is A Win Is A … Well You Know

Take that, random fate. Who would have known that my opponent this week would have quarterback
Nick Foles

? In our quarterback-strong league that is a tough assignment given that I took a flyer on quarterback
Andy Dalton

. The result was an imbalance that means victory for The Cromwell Demolition. My fantasy football team is now 3-4. I am battling to get to .500 and beyond. I am going to need some luck and more bye week acquisitions. Keep fighting virgins! You can do it!

Dear Diary

I am a fat runner. All that means is that I have traded the six- and seven-minute miles of my youth for 10-minute miles. You just put your body on cruise control and overcome the duration. Endurance is quite taxing and training for long runs is just a crazy sequence of events.

My lovely wife and I had training runs of 12 and 15 miles this weekend. It is starting to get awkward at best. We are getting ready for a race in January and it will involve 48.6 miles over four days.[Editor’s note: I once drove 48.6 miles in four days. It can wear on you.] 

Beware of your habits. Even the good ones can morph in to something that does not even resemble where you began. Who runs 27 miles in two days? When you are training it could happen.

Master D.

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