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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 7

A loss by two points is a loss.  But all of it is so filled with melodrama.  Like the After School specials that were on in my youth.  This does put yet another label on my age but who cares?  It’s “Time for Timer!”  … “’Cause I hanker for a hunk of cheese!”  At least I would like to hanker for a win. Let’s go with the week that was.

Preparing For The Bye Week

How you prepare your team for the bye week is essential.  If you don’t prepare, you are left out in the dust.  So with Drew Brees taking a siesta by watching game film, I find myself with a backup QB who is also in a bye week.  That is dumb luck.  But I prepared.  I picked up Matt Leinart because during week 7 he is playing the Raiders.  The Raiders are unfortunately the league’s doormat this year.  And this is tough because the fans are wonderfully passionate.  When I watch a Raiders game on TV, it is one of the few times I have seen West Coasters get the volume up to the Red Sox frenzy.  But all it means this week is that Leinart is going to rule the Oaktown… Not!

What Is Two Points?

Leinart’s numbers had 2 interceptions.  Each interception is worth – 2 points.  So if he had 0 interceptions, it would have been a victory.  Forget that craziness.  If he threw for one touchdown with those 2 interceptions it would have been 3 points and a 1 point victory.  Ouch!  Two points can be found anywhere and nowhere.  It can be found in two more pass catches for 10 yards by Portis before he took that helmet to the mid-section.  Did anyone see that?  Showing that over and over in HD even had my wife squeamish…enough said on that one.  But two points could come via the tying field goal that was denied when the panthers threw an interception with time running out in the 4th quarter.  So with the first two game losing streak of the year, the Virgin can only pickup some more talented free agents for the home stretch.  Sounds like another I.P.T.P.U.

Interesting Players to Pick Up (I.P.T.P.U.)

Like I’ve said before, I just like the sound of I.P.T.P.U so I am adding this to the article every so often when the week becomes filled with more than a few available fantasy football gems or diamonds in the rough.  Look for RB Maurice Jones-Drew in your league. If he’s available get him.  Look for QB Bruce Gradkowski.  He’s been playing solid and can offer reliable backup numbers as many teams participate in this bye week buffet. K Morten Andersen is hot so there is a backup K for your Kicking deprived conundrum.  RB Chris Perry is back and may contribute so this goal line talent can provide you with some points in a pinch.  Fare thee well this week.  Fare thee well.


Master D.

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