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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin, Week 7

A win is a win is a win. But at what cost my friends? The tranquility of the numbers on Monday evening against a backdrop of chaos and bedlam in

Boston is just fine for this Fantasy Football Virgin. Oh, yeah did I mention the leaf peepers are in town? Hey, you, stop looking at my Maple tree all orangey and perfect. Put the camera down and back away from the middle of the road. So its go time with the week that was.

Preparing For Injuries

Are you prepared for injuries? Some fantasy footballers prepare. Some fantasy footballers don’t. In the end the scene is balanced through the appropriate, yet legal in most leagues, use of allowable injured players. I would think about getting the backup to my RBs as an example. The position is the toughest to get through all 16 games, let alone the 14 needed to make a Fantasy Football season. So this year I got Michael Bennett for Larry Johnson and Jesse Chatman for Ronnie Brown. I put them on injured reserve and picked up two replacements. And then under a bit of duress for a WR, I promptly let Mr. Bennett go. He now gets traded to

Tampa and will be the next hottest thing no doubt. But Mr. Priest Holmes is back into the picture and that muddies up all the waters the next few weeks. Let us see how that plays out. So the message is to put as many players or even DSTs on the injured reserve when you are trying out a new player for your bye week. An extra player or two only makes for depth as the injuries mount. I do have to ask all of my neighbors in

New England. If you are not preparing for the impending RB injury, are you prepared for the leaf invasion?

Preparing For Leafles

Leafles are people who love the leaves in New England but are not currently living in

New England. Now it is true that only

New England affords the grand tapestry of Mother Nature this time of year. The grand display of Reds and

Oranges against a blue Canadian High is something that no one can describe. You just have to be there. The wonderful cider and the maple syrup abound on every corner. In the end the cars come through, pictures are taken with 10 megapixel cameras and for a few weeks it is crazy time. You cannot get a rental car. You cannot get a hotel room near the mountains. And, if it is timed right, you get traffic jams all over from people stopping and bee-bopping through the road like cars did not matter. Watch out! But thank you very much for stopping by. It was so nice to see you… and you and yes even you. And to complicate things we have the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. I sense a diary entry.

Dear Diary

All good things must come to an end. This is what you say when the Red Sox are losing to the Cleveland Indians 3 games to 1 and facing elimination three times. The first two times they extend it and you think this is alright. And then it gets to a 7th and decisive game and it is a pressure cooker. Right up until a 5 foot something gentleman swings out of his heels and hits it into the stands above the Green Monster.

I just can’t get over how seamless the stadium appears with those seats above the Green Monster. There were no seats there for years and now it just looks normal. I guess it is like night games for the Chicago Cubs. All recent phenomena eventually become part of the historical record. The sights… the sounds and the memories flicker in the space time fabric. The only unique part is that there are so many ways to engross your self into the games, it becomes immersive. People are blogging whilst at the event. People are commenting as it is happening. And then people are staying long past the last out to only see strange dances. These seem to be the beginning of the times known as the era of

Boston area athletics. But like the leaves of Autumn in

New England, it exists but yet no two are exactly alike. However, the impressions they leave last a lifetime.   Go Sox.

Master D.

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