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The Diary Of A Fantasy Virgin – Week 7

The people who love the changing fall colors in New England but do not live in

New England have come to town. My invented word for this traveling troupe is leafles.

   They rent every car. They snap every photo. And

New England has been very nice to them in terms of weather. But we have got fantasy football to play this week. So it’s go time with the week that was.

How Does That Work Out?

Have you ever had a week where not only your best players put up a dud like Mr. Drew Brees and you have three guys out due to a bye week? I know I wrote about the bye week last week, but this week is the week that killed me. But backwards vision is 20/20 in this game so we always look ahead. And if I see this quite clearly enough, it appears I am going to get a slumping Brett Favre in my QB spot. That is going to be loads of fun I tell you. So what does the diary have to say today? Hey. You have to write when it is good and you have to write when it goes bad.

Dear Diary

All good things must come to an end. This is what you say when the Boston Red Sox are losing to the Tampa Bay Rays three games to one and facing elimination three times. The first two times they extend it and you think this is alright. The difference between this year and last of course is not the five-foot-something gentlemen (Dustin Pedroia) hitting the home run. It is the fact that no more runs are scored the rest of the game and the Sox lose 3-1.

It came to an end abruptly, but injuries and starters who just were not all there consistently could not deliver. The Rays are not only doing this worst to first thing, but they are doing it Twins style. The Twins did this in 1991.I wish them luck and the Phillies may not know what is about to hit them because the Rays have pop in almost every place in the lineup.

And the Red Sox can watch and wonder about what could have happened in Game 2.

   But hindsight is 20/20 in this game as well.

Master D.

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