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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 7

It is Week 8 my friends and the tide is going out.   The time has come to discover who is naked. But before that I would be remiss if I did not point out the obvious.   There is a portion of Connecticut that is not having a Fall.   The normal fall foliage that is resplendent and colorful is now brown and dingy.   Hurricane Irene blew the tops off the trees at sustained winds of 50-MPH for 7 hours and it resulted in this brown mess that I am witnessing now.   But go 100 miles to the left or 100 miles to the right et voila!   All is beautiful all over again.   The time has come to speak of a minor correction.

A Tie?

I submitted my article after the game two weeks ago and much to my wonderment, something happened overnight.   Somehow my opponent lost two points after all was said and done which resulted in a tie.   So my record now includes a dash and a 1.   Ties are strange Karma in Fantasy Football terms.   It breaks tie-breaks, but that is the only good that can come of this.   So my record coming into the week was 2-3-1.   Can I pull myself up by the bootstraps?   It is a bye week, so all cannot be good for me.

The Forgotten Five

I have five starters on the bench due to a bye week like Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin and Vernon Davis to name three. Ok…the other two are Green-Ellis and Deion Branch. I call them the forgotten five because you have to forget about them if you want to make a team this week. This is difficult to do but with 7 minutes to go until 1 pm on Sunday, I decide to see what Doug Coutts has on his list of Waiver Wire Wonders article.   At the top in the Smokin’ Hot section is RB DeMarco Murray. Since Dallas is playing the winless St. Louis Rams, I will take a flyer on that Rams defense and try out DeMarco Murray. And then 253 yards and one touchdown later I am a winner and the forgotten five are forget-worthy this week.   My record touches .500 again at 3-3-1.   This is not enough to get me out of the basement of my division but the future is so bright, I gotta wear DeMarco Murray shades, right?

Preparing For Winter

Since the leaves are not cooperating right now, I might as well talk about the 400-pound elephant in the room. On more than one occasion I have heard about the winter yet to come. Why are we talking about it so early? Because winter came in 2010 and boldly lasted for several winter storms with each wrongly predicted on the short side by our fearless weather wonks. One storm was predicting 8 inches of snow and it did not stop until 22 inches later. How can you be off by 14 inches? That was the nature of the crazy snows in 2011. So everyone is holding their breath. Are you holding yours?

Master D.

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