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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 7

This is the halfway point in our fantasy league.  Our team has stepped off on a journey into the unknown.  We have only found one harsh greeting after the next in the form of suspension and injury.  When it comes to frustration, the team is registering at an all time high.  However, we trundle along in the face of incredible odds.  Now the role the team plays on a week-in and week-out basis is that of the proverbial David and the rest of the teams in my league represent the formidable Goliath.  I have seen the statue of David by artisan Michelangelo.  The breathtaking awe of this statue in the distance as you round the corner from the entrance of the Accademia Gallery in Florence is truly a humbling experience.  The statue stops you and for some reason, the eye cannot leave and it becomes transfixed on the enormity and symmetry of this Renaissance masterpiece.  The team will need this kind of calm to make the playoffs.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

So what are you going to do this week? Lose again?  Well, you have to think your way out of the mess you got yourself into.  The quarterback fiasco from week was only the foretelling of bad times for my team.  And if you are 0-7, it has become bad times.  Even up to 2-5 it can’t be feeling all that good.  So what are the recommendations?  The time has come to acquire some new blood.  Drop that extra kicker you have and get Willis McGahee.  If he starts this year, he may have an impact.  Acquire a WR like Muhammad Muhsin who may have a great second half.  Look for diamonds in the rough and to try at all costs not to give up.  Because, in the end, a losing Fantasy team plays for just hope and that is sometimes all you have left for the second half of the season.

Captain’s Log – 10-20-2003 – 11:00 PM

Another obstacle had just clobbered us and our navigator came by to let me know we had reached the halfway point.  So with our ship behind in the race and the team still trying, I had Artemis call together everyone on to the poop deck at dusk.  I stood in front of the group and I had this to say.  “Team, we started the year on a journey towards excellence.  Along the way we have stumbled.  However, I have the full faith in your scoring abilities and am sure that the next half of our journey will be filled with dramatic events.  I am proud of the way we almost beat back the Kraken.  And I am confident that the future obstacles will be met with a stiff upper lip.  With that let the ½ way party begin.”  And Artemis lit off a fancy Chinese rocket and the colors bedazzled into the dusk.  Ale lightened the mind and all had a good time.  It was no sense turning back for we have come this far.  Around this corner we have come and now the second half of the journey begin.  Peace and Goodwill to all.

Master D.

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