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Hello. It is Week 8 and the Fantasy Virgin is about to lose the first game of the year. What the what? Can this be? In fantasy football there are winning times and there are losing times. I actually had a bye week for a couple of players. I also had a great defense/special teams which I sat on the bench. That would be Denver. If I played the Denver defense/special teams this week I would be 7-0. The nerve! I am 6-1 and still doing OK but the future is very cloudy. I am smart enough to know that, my friends. Fantasy football is fickle! Straight on, my friends. What the what????

Well That Happened

The first loss of the year is rather interesting in fantasy football. The fact that it happened this week is rather peculiar. All is not well in the Davoll household. I may or may not mention it in my “Dear Diary” section. I had the unfortunate situation where a loved one was let into a hospital during selection time. It was a Thursday game and I chose wrongly. But that is life. Sometimes nature interferes with your fantasy football team.

My diary entry is about the Leafles.

Dear Diary

If you have been following this article, I have coined the word Leafles. In its spelled out form it is an affectionate mashup word for people who love leaves, specifically the kind that change color in the fall. They show up right at this time and partake in the magnificence of Mother Nature. There is something about a landscape dotted with all the colors that just makes you smile. So a special New England welcome to the Leafles.

The Leafles are people who come to New England to watch the fall foliage of New England. The weird part is that it is a real phenomenon. People rent cars. People take pictures. Full on New England is on! And I must admit that I think that the rest of the world misses out every year the greatest crimson show ever put on by Mother Nature. But I am biased so it could be too familiar. I just have been here so long it affects me.

Hugs … New England! Can’t get a rental car. Nice try.

Oh.. and go Sox!

Master D.

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