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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 8

It is Fantasy Football week from Walt Disney World.


  Even the Virgin gets away for some rest and relaxation. The article goes in but the details become very fuzzy.

  In fact so fuzzy that it looks like my week will be determined long after 11 pm on Monday Night.

  To anecdotally quote that caveman in the GEICO commercial … “This is way past my bedtime Billy Jean!”

Fantasy Football And Walt Disney World

I have news for you.

  Assembling Fantasy Football teams in Disney World is just not a really recommended task.

  How do you let your loved ones and friends know that you cannot leave for


Mountain until the last call of injuries at 12:45 PM on Sunday morning?

  You see.

  You don’t.

  Therefore you don’t really know what is going to happen and you can’t really deal with it so you just go with the flow.

  The games go on and you enjoy


Mountain, Turtle Talk with Crush, Soarin’ and


Mountain and the Rose & Crown Pub with good friends and let the chips fall where they may.

  It is only Football…but is it?

Yes It Is Only Football

Well I am glad it is only football.

  Because I doubted myself there for 5 or 10 seconds.

  But in reality, I have to let you know that getting away from it all is an excellent recipe for the mind.

  The article is in and all is well but my thoughts this week will only be about the Big House of the Mouse.

  And if I bumped into you on Saturday at EPCOT, geez it is not my fault ok?

  I mean didn’t you see how many people were there?

  The last time I was in EPCOT with that many people it was X-Mas week 1996.

And special thanks go out to our good friends Lara and Kevin.

  My wife Jill and I had such a good time with them we would definitely get back there with them in a few months or so.

  In reality it will be probably be a year or two or three.

  As far as Fantasy Football goes, it appears to be going on and my team is assembled.

  But they apparently are still on vacation as well.

  Long into Monday evening, the final results came in and I was victorious.

  Special thanks to Mr. Dallas Clark and the Titan offense.

  I was playing against the

Indianapolis defense and this combination made for a win. I was 1-1 whilst in

Orlando which is better than 0-2.



I think my diary entry will focus on all vacation things.

Dear Diary

Vacation times came and went this last week.

  I managed my teams and submitted articles in Disney at the weirdest times.

  It definitely threw me off my game but at least I was able to get an idea as to what was happening.

  The problem is that you are unable to digest the information at your regular pace.

  So the result is all at once at midnight on Sunday.

  Then the rest comes at 6 am on Monday and the article gets in by 7 am.

  Instead of 12 hours of Football flow, you get 12 minutes ok?

  And you like it.

So all I can write cogently this week is that there is a Food & Wine Festival in EPCOT in Walt Disney World in



  Wonderful bartenders like Carl at the Rose & Crown pub will serve you and entertaining piano players like Pam will sing to you.

You start considering them family and after 10 days it comes to an end.

  But in the end, the everlasting memories and rest make for a better worker.

  I therefore must be the best worker in town.

  I insist that you take a vacation if you haven’t.

  It has only been 18 months since my last one and I now know I have to take these respites every 6 months or so because I was worse for wear.

Master D.

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