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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 8

The fantasy
football week came down to Monday Night. Howard Cosell filled my childhood
Mondays with excitement. His halftime show recapping the week was ESPN before
ESPN. All of it was a foreshadowing of the quick and snappy recaps with some
elusive words that dotted the landscape of our television. Monday Night is a
proper closure to the week in fantasy football, especially when its 3 vs. 2.

3 vs. 2

The week ended for me
with Marques Colston, Tony Gonzalez and Jason Elam going up against Drew Brees
and John Carney. If Brees performs great, I may not lose if he is throwing it
to Colston. The matchups are dazzling when you have a receiver and your
opponent has the QB. You only can wish for lots and lots of points from both
teams. And in the end it was a victory for the Virgin. It came because of all
those points for the Saints in terms of touchdowns instead of field goals. I am
now 5-3 and squeaking by. But who cares when golf is gone and XMas is less than
60 days away?

Gone Is The Golf

Golf officially goes away

New England
when the clocks turn back. That extra hour of sleep is great and you don’t seem
to pay for it as much as when the clocks go ahead in the spring. The spring
ahead seems to get me more. What is entirely wrong in all this process of clock
turning is how much I notice it. I remember a time when I barely noticed it at
all. I enjoyed it and sometimes forgot about it altogether and arrived early or
late to my next appointment. I still wonder sometimes who that person was. I
think to myself, “How did I get so responsible?” I guess that is the great part
of growing up. This diary entry contemplates the magical effect of Halloween on
a Saturday night.

Dear Diary

Halloween on a Saturday
night? Yes. That is what happened this last weekend. The possibilities become
endless and the parties become so memorable. The last time it happened was
1998, and the time before that was 1992. Maybe the hangover lasts that long?
Probably not. The streets on Sunday were quiet as if everyone was sleeping it
off. I went out for a long run and the trail I ran on was very quiet.

So watch out for
Halloween on Saturday night. The hangover may last until the next time, which
is slated for 2015. Gee, I certainly wish those Mayans are wrong.

Master D.

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