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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin: Week 8

So sorry about that but as cryptic as it is it will allow me to put a stake (pun intended Halloween folks) in the ground. I am riding a win by Mr. Defense, or as they say in social circles, Mister Tebow. But before I can say that, did anyone notice something falling from the sky on Saturday, Oct. 29 across western portions of New England?

Snow On Oct. 20 Something … What The What?

I have news for you folks that believe it’s getting warmer. It may be getting warmer where you are but it is getting colder here. The snow came down very hard on Saturday. It started as snow and ended as snow and blessed be the people with power. They can keep their home warm when it gets in the 20s overnight. The warm weather through September and the first two weeks of October kept the leaves attached to the trees and the boughs succumbed to the wet strength of each snowflake. The woods shook with visceral sounds of broken limbs and the noises were right out of a spooky tale. When more than 700,000 people are without power, that is crazy. Speaking of lacking power, how about that Tim Tebow?

Why No Tebow?

I have a totally different take on what happened to Tim Tebow on Sunday. Now there is a point after the second defensive touchdown when your defense is the Detroit Lions that a wry smile appears. But this is not in angst against the gentleman at all. Tim Tebow has proven that a saying holds dear. You are never as good as you think you are … see Tom Brady this week. Also, you are never as bad as everyone else thinks you are … see Tim Tebow.

Both performances are indicative of the alacrity which the position of quarterback is played. All is revealed. It is not good. It is not bad. To be somewhat profound it just is. So Tim Tebow is not entirely ready yet. Did you know that one Peyton Manning played his rookie season and started 3-13? But he did throw for 26 touchdowns and 3,739 yards. Those are not going to be Tim Tebow’s numbers. So we end with this statement. All will be revealed in due time. Some are revealed sooner than later. Just ask Cam Newton. But I have a dilemma.

Detroit Lions Defense, Steven Jackson and a Dilemma

In a lopsided all-in-one drag out affair, the Detroit Lions’ defense put up 33 points and in combination with running back Steven Jackson created the 1-2 punch that put me over the top and for the first time in a few weeks and above .500. I have holes in my team and this is the dilemma, I can only start one or two of the following with the acquisition of Demarco Murray. That would be Larry Fitzgerald, Deion Branch or Jeremy Maclin. The problem is that they went for 12, 13, and 14 points, in that order! They are virtually identical. Therefore, I am going to use the Tony Holm Prognosticator article to exploit the defense that appears to be the most riddled with injury and susceptibility. Speaking of susceptibility, it is time for the diary entry that means nothing and everything.

Dear Diary

I am aware of reality. I really am. However, reality is regularly bent and coerced in such a way that sometimes I just have to speak out. I put out a road flare to mark the time that reality was bent and a system became unjust. Good people are capable of administering and managing chaos in ways that create results which seem untoward.

However, when all is revealed, there are shells scattered on the beaches, and they are less coherent than the sea from which they came. The family is left to gather the shells in a desperate attempt to make whole the penumbra of a former self. The fact is that I get to write about it and it soothes my soul that somehow these words will forever live.

This is unlike the ridicule subjected to the foil in my play. It is an all-too-familiar story and the culpability reads out of a Saturday cliffhanger or an after school special. The truth is, to quote Ned Flanders, “indeedily doodily stranger than fiction, neighbor.” However, I am aware of reality, and when no one is to blame, the victimless crime continues.

I can dare say that it will only get worse.

I have said my peace.

Master D.

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