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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 8

This week is all about what a difference a year makes. Last year at this time it was all about Hurricane Sandy. This year things are quite mild and so is my team. The story for me this week is about getting the band back together and the underlying consequences of this scenario.

Did You Hear? We’re Getting The Band Back Together.

Running back Steven Jackson is back! That was the headline this week. My opponent is playing the Arizona Cardinals defense/special teams. This ends up being an interesting play in fantasy football. When quarterback
Matt Ryan
Jackson and wide receiver Harry Douglas all go crazy against Arizona, Arizona will have no defensive points and that trio will carry the day!

But that event did not transpire, my fellow Virginators. Arizona comes out on top and Ryan was just not there. In my strong quarterback league, four interceptions and four sacks is disruptive to a victory. I am now 3-5 and desperately trying to get back to .500. I think the band is not going to be back together for long.

The diary entry has to be about everything that has happened in the NFL so far.

Dear Diary

The Kansas City Chiefs are 8-0. The Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-8. The other 30 NFL teams find themselves somewhere between those two outcomes. Six of the 16 teams in the AFC are better than .500. Seven of the NFC teams are better than .500. The point of this is that 19-out-of-the-32 teams are .500 or less. What happens when you have this distribution?

What is up is down. What is down is up. Quarterbacks are dropping all over the place and so are the teams. We just witnessed the eighth week of the NFL and a combination of injuries and a suddenly emergent team like Kansas City has made this a strange year.

In my fantasy football league, six-out-of-the-10 teams are better than .500. I am just not one of them. Oh, what a difference a year makes.

Master D.

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