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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 9

Well, it has gone from bad to worse, my friends.  Just ask the footballer in your league that has Mr. Priest Holmes.  That is going to come back and bite ya.  I am sure that runs through the mind of the owner.  What if my starting QB? RB? TE? is down for the count?  Well I will let you know what transpired in the week that was.  Lets begin with Fantasy Football 101.  The Roster Trend.

The Roster Trend

Most leagues have a roster trend list.  That is a roster trend that identifies who is picking up whom in the fantasy football world.  What is great about it is that it includes all of the fantasy football owners at the site.  This means there is a trend being done by those trying to improve their team and like most desperate owners you have to follow the trend if you are missing a player.

Trend Following

I am not going to bore you with market theory but Trend Following has its proponents and opponents.  All the proponents say “Why don’t you look at Mr. John Henry”.  All the opponents say it has to do with the amount of startup capital.  In the long run it is trend following with a dash of persistence that makes it work.  So if you go every Thursday to see the trends of the week, you may just find that special somebody to round out your team.  Try it sometime when one of your players suffers a season ending injury.  It’s much shorter than your average lookup time which comprises tasks that involve an exhaustive search with statistics.  You may just be rewarded.  The Demolition was not rewarded I tell you.

Speaking of Trends

I started out the year 0-3.  Then I went 3-0.  Now I have since gone 0-3.  This is a strange year of runs.  But this week I get back Mark Bulger and hopefully a backup RB will catch fire in a bottle.  If it doesn’t, I certainly will take the collar for the last four.  As we head toward the home stretch, we have Turkey and trimmings to bolster your Fall wardrobe and the end of Fantasy Football for 2005.  Where has the year gone?

 Master D.

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