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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 9

I know what you are thinking out there.  You are saying to yourself, “Dear Self, How did it become November?”  That is the way life and Fantasy Football is.  Hey, at least you haven’t been a Virgin for 4+ seasons!  As the season heads into the very last five weeks, let us re-count the week that was.

Another Bye Week

The 9th week comes and I almost feel a sense of relief.  It is the last week without the whole gang.  Now the last five weeks can come and go with the very best of the best out there.  And to add insult to injury, it means that potential points from Brian Westbrook are unavailable as Westbrook is off.  That means Jamal Lewis and Clinton Portis this week.  Let’s go with that.

Sometimes There Is Addition By Subtraction

All I can say is that the last few weeks have been really frustrating for me.  I have seen the Eagles score 21 points and then only 6 last week.  This only spells trouble but without having to worry about the “Ill-a-Delph” and their woeful offense, I can concentrate on patching up the lineup.  That means that I need a TE and a RB.  Fortunately I drafted four RB the beginning of the year and two of them can play.  And a spare TE in the name of Mr. David Martin was chosen off waivers.  Maybe this week will be a victory by addition after the subtraction.

A Victory When It Matters Most

Oh what a difference a week makes.  One week ago it was Tom Brady lighting up the Minnesota Defense to bring me a loss.  Now why couldn’t I be playing Tom Brady this week!  But enough of that, Peyton Manning lit up the Patriots defense resulting in very few points for that DST.  The result was a cool 115 – 106 victory for the Demolition in a week that could have gone the other way.  I received enough out of the reserves and in the end I am now only one game under .500 and it is three weeks to Thanksgiving.  I just hope I am thankful by then.

 Master D.

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