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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 9

Happy Week 9! What makes
this week different? Well everyone is back as all my bye weeks are done. All I
can say is welcome back, ye denizens of dirt! That is if you don’t play indoors
and also if ye don’t play on turf even though it is outdoors. What kind of
invention is that? It is a low-maintenance solution that assures footing unless
it is snowing, sleeting, hailing or pouring rain, that is. So take your games
and your players and note that after this week the finish line becomes a
sprint. But first we must speak of the week that was.

What Is This? An

The first eight weeks saw
the National Football League deal with the dilemma. There were teams
that seem to be playing well and teams not playing well. Now after Week 9, there
are 14 teams over .500. There are 13 teams under .500. There are eight teams with
only two losses or better. There are eight teams with two wins or fewer. There
are only five teams at .500! So it is with glee that several teams rose up to
the occasion this last week and surprisingly won. At one time, this was a regular
occurrence in the NFL. Now it is a pleasant surprise when it happens. So if you
had the Green Bay Packers winning against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for your
survivor pool, you know just how I felt in Week 2. The Packers are breaking survivor
pools all over town. Speaking of surviving, how am I going to get through this
week? On the backs of DeAngelo Williams and Mike Sims-Walker, I galloped to
victory. I am now 6-3 and worrying about the home stretch.

The Real Fantasy
Season Begins Now

There will be countless
articles written after Week 7 stating it is the halfway point of the fantasy
football season. That is correct but it all means nothing. Only after the last
bye week for all your players does the season stretch begin. If you can get it
over one week earlier, all the better. Now your homework begins. You can get a
head start and look for big offensive type players on teams playing against



Kansas City,

St. Louis or


in Weeks 14, 15 and 16 of your league.

So investigate those
teams and pick up defenses and backup players on the depth charts that may go
that week against those teams. It just may make the difference between winning
it all and winning nothing at all.

Master D.

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