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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 9

Hello from a frigid New England. We had our first snow and all morning commuters were getting their first taste of a winter yet to come. Let me tell you by the sheer number of accidents we have forgotten how to handle the winter driving. So be safe out there and may your wintry travels get you hither and yon in one piece. For me, my season is slipping away. So, now let us look at the week that was.

When Miles Turns To Losses

I have had the most rotten of luck. My first five games this year had me riding on the backs of Miles Austin, Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson. When one was not so good, another would rise up to the occasion and deliver big numbers. Then Johnson had some thigh issues and Jackson got hurt. Lately it has been a Tony Romo-less Austin piling on. The latest trick was the Dallas Cowboys’ high-flying offense grounded and out of sorts in Green Bay. So much that head coach Wade Phillips became the first head coach to get fired this year. He has been replaced by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. So that sets up tonight’s big matchup for the winner this week.

Not So Good On Paper

My kicker is Mike Nugent and he is kicking on Monday Night for Cincinnati. Of all opponents, I am going up against Hines Ward! This does not look good on paper. You can only hope that the Bengals cannot get in the end zone and they are forced to kick field goal after field goal. It did not happen and I lost by only one point. I am now riding a four-game losing streak. I am only as good as my horses and I think they have a case of the dengue fever.

The Real Fantasy Season Begins Now

There were many articles written after Week 7 stating it is the halfway point of the fantasy football season. That is correct but it all means nothing. Only after the last bye week for all your players does the season stretch begin. If you can get it over one week earlier all the better. This year I cannot, so my depleted team continues to Week 11. That is when I get everyone back. Until then I have to coast.

Buy, while I am coasting you can now take a look at teams that have lousy records. Try to get a head start and look for offensive type free agents or even take a flyer on a defensive team playing against those teams that are languishing. This year at the time of this article it translates into picking out the teams that play Denver, Buffalo, Carolina and Dallas in Weeks 14, 15 and 16 of your league.

So investigate those teams and pick up defenses and backup players on the depth charts that may go that week and pick them up now. It just may make the difference between winning it all and coming in second place.

Master D.

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