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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 9

Week 9 has come and gone. But before we get to that please get out and vote. It is a time for local races in our cities. Voting for your local representatives is just as important as national campaigns. For many going to vote, the power just recently came back to them in many towns in Connecticut. So for that group it must be thrilling. For the others please realize that we feel your pain. Having no power for a week is crazy. Having no school for a week when it is 60 degrees out does not make sense. Having no Halloween is downright blasphemous. Such is the nature of it all. And that is the nature of the week that was.


Tebow Card Played Once Too Many

So Detroit is out and San Diego is up against the Green Bay Packers. That is not going to work. How about taking advantage of the Oakland Raiders hosting the Denver Broncos? That seems like a good idea…NOT! The Oakland defense went south in the second half and the Tebow card was played too often. That means the week comes down to the Eagles and the Bears.

Matt Forte vs Maclin & Vick

This should be a no brainer right? Michael Vick should pile up some decent stats and Matt Forte is but only one player. But he has been a great player for Chicago and his greatness in combination with the Bears defense have all the ingredients necessary for me to lose. But I came out on top even though Vick did not find the end zone once. And this is another week none of my players scored a TD.

The defenses in the league are catching up from the time off during the summer. The QB is being harassed on a week-in and week-out basis. This is leading to lopsided weeks where the QB that contributes makes it a winner.   But without a QB or a staunch defensive effort there comes a time where you win one and then lose one.  

The Real Fantasy Season Begins Now

All of my Fantasy Football players, sans one (Neil Rackers), have had their bye week. The sooner the bye week is over the sooner you can get on with the big second half push. Stay vigilant and look for unlikely points from matchups of teams that are not so good like the Colts against teams that are going quite well (Cincinnati).

When was the last time anyone mentioned the Bengals? Well they are 6-2 and hanging in the AFC north. Their defense is productive and really is gelling. The key is to exploit matchups upcoming in the next few weeks and cash in on some easy points.

Just don’t get Teee-Bowed!

Master D.

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