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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 9

The time has come in our glorious land to elect the leader of the free world. That would be the president of the United States, or POTUS for short. Along with that are several local, congressional and senatorial contests. So get out and vote. Our founding fathers conceived the idea of a representative democracy and this is as good as it gets. So do them a favor and respect what they began with a trip to your designated local voting booth. For me this week, fantasy football has some strategy.

3 Eagles vs. 1 Saint…Options 

Every now and then you will play against an opponent that is heavy in one team because that week is an opponent with a defense that is not the best. So when you look at the New Orleans Saints this year there is not much to be happy about. The team ranks near the bottom in points allowed, yards allowed, passing yards allowed and rushing yards allowed.  So, I have DeSean Jackson in my lineup tonight.

The theory is that if Michael Vick goes crazy tonight, some of that craziness will be directed at Jackson, right? So as Vick goes and as Jackson goes, so does my night. It also helps to have Drew Brees throwing around the town.

And The Tally Is?

The offensive efforts of Vick, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin could not overcome the effect of Brees at home. In the end, I prevailed and now my team is 8-1 and on a roll. After losing the first week, I have successfully navigated my bye weeks and I am into the home stretch with all my players relatively healthy. I am still looking to shore up my RB situation.  That will be next weeks article no doubt.

Dear Diary

Say a prayer for those without homes and power in the tri-state area. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were pounded by Superstorm Sandy. It was a hurricane combined with a Nor’easter right out of the novel “The Perfect Storm.” The only exception is that this storm made landfall.

This makes the third megastorm to hit New England in the last 14 months, so we are getting weary. The voting booths will be powered up and all will be well according to the Secretaries of State. Voting cannot be delayed for it is backed by law.

So vote and help your neighbor if they do not have power. Run an errand or check in on a friend. With the clocks turning back, we not only got an hour of sleep but the darkness creeps in one hour earlier, making it all the gloomier for those without power.

Master D.

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