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The draft draws near

Well, it’s June.  Kids are getting out of school, the weather is warming up, and hurricane season is upon us.  WHO CARES!  The NFL is conducting mini camps as we speak, rookies are being evaluated, veterans are hoping to keep their jobs and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are chilling somewhere, knowing their biggest worry is whether the AFC championship game will be in Indy or Foxboro in January. 

Soon the fantasy football magazines will be hitting the newsstands and the research begins.  The rush of collecting the knowledge and executing what you believe is the perfect draft….aahhhh there’s nothing like it!  Who will be the next big sleeper, bust, rookie phenom?  All the experts in the world will be trying to predict the future over the next couple of months. 

My advice:  don’t get overwhelmed.  Pick two or three well known, reliable sources and go with that.  Don’t try to saturate yourself by buying every magazine, checking every website and listening to every expert on the radio.  Sometimes they say the same thing over and over again; sometimes they are polar opposites, and sorting through all that can give you quite the migraine.  The best way to prepare for a draft is to participate in various mock drafts that are all over the internet.


Try to get different draft positions so you can be fully prepared, most of the time you can even print out the results once the draft is over.

  Fantasy draft day has got to be my favorite day of the year.


Yes, better than the Super Bowl.

 Before you go nuts I should tell you I am by birth a Detroit Lions fan.

  By the time week 6 rolls around my favorite team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs on a yearly basis so fantasy is all I have left.

  That is what is so great about fantasy football no matter how your favorite NFL team is doing there is always a reason to watch football on Sunday.

  Chances are either you or your opponent or someone close to you in the standings has a player going in any game that might be on TV.


All in all, prepare, but don’t over-prepare, talk lots of smack during the draft, and most importantly, have a good time!!

  Oh and feel free to indulge in a few adult beverages throughout the course of the draft, but please, don’t overdo it or you will find yourself drafting Dan Marino in the seventh round thinking “I can’t believe he was still available”.

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