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The End is Near!

Okay, not the end of the world! But in fantasy football terms, the prize is finally upon us. Many have been riding the wave from the beginning (thank you to the devoted). Many more have come on board mid-season (we thank you all just as much). All of this has been in an effort to claim the coveted trophy, The FFL Super Bowl Champion!

Prizes (possibly) await the glorious few of you. Setbacks and bewilderment await others. Some ask what happened, while others silently say, “I can’t believe my blind luck.”

Going into week 14 quite likely will be the last regular season game of your league (although some leagues start the playoffs in week 16 instead of 15). For those of you that have clinched, congratulations! For those eliminated, better luck next year. But, I garner that MANY of you are a win away from the playoffs or a WIN and a LOSS by others to get in.

This is important…do the math today! It should be pretty clear what needs to happen this coming weekend for your team to get into, as Bill Parcels describes, “The Tournament”. Maybe destiny is in your hands, win and your in, lose and you need help. For others, the weekend promises to be much more than following your own team and your direct opponent. Quite likely other games will be affecting your post-season appearance. For your sanity and enjoyment, work out the scenarios for post season. Only then can the full excitement of the weekend games come true.

Here’s an example from our FFL!FFL!FFL! League.

In the East:
Quincy Quaffers have wrapped up the division at 10-3.  And with their total points have wrapped up the #1 seed in the playoffs.

In the Central:
Hogs are 7-6 and in the drivers seat for the division.  The Jackelopes are 6-6-1.  So they are in with a Hogs loss and a Lopes win.  Lose and they are out.

In the West:
The Freaks are 9-4 and leading the division.   The Ticks are 8-4-1.  Freaks win the division with a win.  The Ticks need a Freaks loss and a Tick win to take the division.

Wild Card Berth:
The loser of the West (see above) is automatically the wild card berth winner as all other teams have at least 6 losses.

See, it doesn’t take much. Send out a message to the group. It’ll certainly send some chatter around about the playoff implications. A small picture of the playoff possibilities is always a GREAT idea.

Now for those that have been eliminated, DON’T DROP OUT NOW!! In many of my leagues we have a 2nd and 3rd tournament called the N.I.P. (Not in Playoffs) and the Bucket Bowl. Set up a secondary playoffs tourney for those less fortunate! There’s always glory for the NIP and BB winner. Besides, who wants to now start watching the NFL just for fun!!

Good luck to all…and enjoy the upcoming games…

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