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The Fantasy Sharks Writers’ Mock Draft

It’s a natural habit. Every time I set foot in a book store I go right to the magazine rack for a little fantasy indulgence. No, I don’t open up Maxim and look for my favorite surgically enhanced model or skimpy pair of underwear – get your head out of the gutter. Instead, like you do when you search here (
) for top-notch material, I skim through the centers of magazines looking for the best mock drafts, or sometimes ones I can laugh at, depending on my state of mind.

I’ve been practicing this bookstore fantasy indulgence for several years, but for some reason it hadn’t really hit me until recently to actually bringing that indulgence to the shark writer community. So I sent out a chain of emails seeking out my true fantasy friends with founder Tony Holm’s support, and we were able to set up a mock draft amongst just the staff writers here for your visual pleasure.

The shark writers/contributors taking part in this draft include:

Tony Holm

The Prognosticator

Eric Huber

  – Fantasy Intelligence Report

Doug Coutts

Waiver Wire Wonders

Gary Davenport

IDP Manor

Jim Bukowski

Content Manager

Greg Kellogg

Kellogg’s Komments

Patrick White

Risers and Fallers

Mark Chamberlin

The Market

Steve Sheiner

Department of Defense

John Lanfranca

JL’s Observation Deck

The Sin City BetBot 6000


Drew Magyar

What did we learn?

Below are a couple of pieces of advice to keep in mind before salivating over our fantasy greatness in front of your computer monitor.

1) Don’t think of this as a competition to see who the Tony Hawk of fantasy drafting is here at this site, although I would like to think I’m like his apprentice.

2) Use this information as a tool to help you understand which draft strategies can work if properly utilized. If you’re an “overload on running backs” kind of drafter, check out Greg Kellogg’s team of Maurice Jones-Drew, Darren McFadden, and, well,
Frank Gore
. If you get excited over tight ends, check out Steve Sheiner’s Department of Defense.

3) Look for runs on positions and when they are happening, so that you can time the start of one and be one up on the competition at your fantasy draft.

4) Pay close attention to the commentary. You might catch something you didn’t know about a player(s), and in some cases, a writer.

5) If you don’t recognize some of the kicker names once we get to the last round, don’t freakout. This isn’t fantasy soccer, or should I say futbol?

Click here to see the Fantasy Sharks Writers Draft in progress

Enjoy! As always, thanks for reading!

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