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The Feeding Frenzy – Week 7 Trade Bait

Trading is all about timing. I like to trade a lot, so I win some and lose some. Boy, did I lose one last week.

I was really high on Jordy Nelson coming into the season, and after weeks of waiting for him to breakout, I finally buckled and traded him away. As they said in the classic movie Airplane!, “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.”

I always say when you trade away good players you can’t be surprised when they put up big numbers. If you trade away Larry Fitzgerald, it’s not like you expect him to never catch another pass.
Having said that, the worst thing about trading a player is when he blows up the week you deal him away. I tell you after sitting through Nelson’s two- and five-point weeks, it killed me to see him go for 40 points. I got Julio Jones in the deal, and he caught three passes in a blink of an eye and then disappeared for the rest of the game.

Still, that’s the way I choose to play. I could sit on my team all year, but that’s so boring to me. I would rather have a conversation with my wife where she talks about what’s going on at work. I live by the sword and die by the sword, and last week I died by it. Oh, and as you’ll see below, Nelson wasn’t the only sword that bit me in the backside last week.

Now here are the players I’m advising to buy low and sell high on after Week 6.

Buy Low

Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis – I traded for Luck last week, and while things didn’t work out on Sunday, I’m still confident Luck will produce 20-plus fantasy points more times than not.

So yes, I traded away Nelson and acquired Luck in the same week. Let’s just say it wasn’t my finest week of trading in terms of timing, but I still think things could work out in the end.
Listen, the Colts are a young football team and sometimes they’re going to put up duds like we saw against the New York Jets. It happens with young teams, especially when you take into account the huge emotional win Indianapolis had at home the week before over Green Bay. Plus, Rex Ryan can coach some defense. It’s not exactly easy for a rookie quarterback to face Ryan’s complex schemes and blitzes.

I’ll be honest, when I traded for Luck I almost expected him to put up a stinker against the Jets. Everything lined up for the Colts to get blown out in that game. I mean that game was so out of the ordinary that Shonn Greene had a big day. However, looking ahead, I see Luck being one of the most productive fantasy quarterbacks over the second half of the season.

Luck has everything owners look for in a fantasy quarterback. His team can’t run the football and his team can’t play defense. That means Luck will be throwing the ball a ton all season long. He’s already averaging 44 pass attempts on the year, and the Colts defense isn’t even worn down yet. Plus, if Indianapolis can’t run the football on the New York Jets, who are they going to be able to run it on?

In my opinion, Sunday’s performance was just a bump in the road for the talented rookie. I mean look at what Luck has coming up over the next two months: Cleveland, Tennessee, Miami, Jacksonville and Buffalo. Luck should be able to feast on those weak secondaries.

Before Sunday, Luck had put up one good fantasy performance and two great ones. I see many more of those types of games in his future than the turnover-plagued outing we saw against the Jets. If you can go out and get Luck, even to be your No. 2 quarterback right now, I strongly suggest doing so.

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