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The Fire Sale: QB and RB Breakdowns

Ever since my first
Fire Sale back in 1999, I’ve stated that the reason I write this column is to help people win fantasy titles. Now, the effectiveness of my advice can certainly be debated but my intentions can’t.

Because of this, I’m very careful of what I endorse in my column. I’ve been asked to try countless fantasy products over the years and virtually none of them have met my approval. However, I’ve tried one recently that I like so much I thought it was worth sharing with my readers.

Fantasy Sharks partnered up with Advanced Sports Logic (ASL) to do rankings for their product called The Machine. I was able to try it out and see what I thought. Well, I love it. Not only that, I’m addicted to it. I now have The Machine hooked up to all of my leagues and I check it constantly.
The Machine is one of those software products that gives you pre-draft rankings, tells you who to pick during your draft, gives you advice during the season on waiver wire players to target, trades, etc. I’ve tried out a few other of these automated software products in the past but I didn’t care for them. I like the ASL version a lot more for a couple of reasons.

First, their pre-draft rankings are a mix of a few of the most reputable places in the industry, including Fantasy Sharks. They blend the rankings together, which is a feature I really like. Second, they tell you throughout the season what your percentage is for making the playoffs and winning the league title based on your current roster. Now, you know I’m a gut guy and I think there’s a lot more to football than just math but I find this to be useful.

I can’t tell you how many people email me asking for advice and have their heads in the clouds about their fantasy team. They have no RB1, they’re starting Scott Chandler as their tight end and they’re surprised when I tell them their team stinks. Something like this may help owners realize they need to start making moves before it’s too late.

Like I said, I haven’t endorsed much through the years but I loved this product when I tried it out and thought a lot of you would find it helpful too, so I figured I would mention it. You can check it out by going to Advanced Sports Logic.

I would love to hear your feedback on it as well. Hit me up on Twitter @ThePigskinGuy and let me know what you think. I’m going to try it out in all of my leagues this year. I’ll keep you updated throughout the season. I mean even us “experts” can use a little help now and then, right?

So when I was using The Machine, it got me thinking. People are always asking me on Twitter about my rankings like they matter. You’re better off using the Fantasy Sharks rankings or the Advanced Sports Logic blended ranking system than mine. However, since people crave rankings at this time of year, I figured I would give you my personal lists as well.
In this edition of the Fire Sale I’m giving out my Top 20 quarterbacks and Top 30 running backs. Next week I’ll release my Top 40 receivers and Top 20 tight ends. I’m not wasting time with defenses and kickers. People smarter than I am can tell you who to draft there. I usually rotate at those spots throughout the season anyway.
My rankings are based on a points per reception format that gives one point per reception and four points per passing touchdown. The rest is the basic scoring system used in a majority of fantasy leagues.

Now, on with
The Fire Sale

Top 20 Quarterbacks

1. Drew Brees, New Orleans

2. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

3. Matt Ryan, Atlanta

4. Peyton Manning, Denver

5. Russell Wilson, Seattle

6. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco

7. Robert Griffin III, Washington

8. Cam Newton, Carolina

9. Tom Brady, New England

10. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis

11. Matthew Stafford, Detroit

12. Eli Manning, New York Giants

13. Tony Romo, Dallas

14. Jay Cutler, Chicago

15. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati

16. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh

17. Joe Flacco, Baltimore

18. Sam Bradford, St. Louis

19. Ryan Tannehill, Miami

20. Carson Palmer, Arizona

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