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The Fire Sale – Week 4

I was trying to think of an introduction but I think I can sum up how crazy the NFL and fantasy football are with one statistic from this past weekend. The New York Jets had two receivers on Sunday that finished with 262 yards receiving against Buffalo, while the San Francisco 49ers had 254 yards of total offense against the Colts. Didn’t we all see that coming in August?

Now on with
The Fire Sale

Going Up

Johnathan Franklin, RB, Green Bay – Boy, Franklin must be the worst practice player in the world or something because every time I see him in a game he looks like a superstar.

I was a big fan of Franklin in college and thought he went to the perfect team for fantasy purposes. However, this summer he fell off the map during training camp. Here is what I wrote about Franklin after the draft:

I loved Franklin coming into the draft and I was surprised that he lasted until Round 4. Again, though, it all depends on where players end up, and Franklin landed with a perfect team that will know how to utilize his skills correctly. That means a higher fantasy ceiling.

I’m not saying Eddie Lacy won’t contribute for the Green Bay Packers. I think he will have a big role but I have a hunch some people are just going to disregard the presence of Franklin. That will be a big mistake. Go watch Franklin play and tell me he is not the perfect fit for the Packers offense.

I’m sure most of you remember Shaun Alexander. Way before the days of Twitter I wrote about Alexander in “The Fire Sale” as one of my favorite backs ever when he was still in college. Then when he got to Seattle he didn’t play a lot right away even though Alexander was much more talented than an aging Ricky Watters. Come to find out, Alexander was one of the all-time worst practice players but once he got into a game, the guy was amazing. I wonder if Franklin is the same kind of player.

Last week I advised against paying too much for
James Starks

because, well, he’s James Starks.
Franklin, on the other hand, has a much higher ceiling. He’s also been one of the higher rated running back free agents by
ASL’s The Machine

– the software system I’m trying out this season. I know Franklin had the costly fumble, but overall, he showed a lot of positives on Sunday. He’s got a chance to be a real factor in the Packers’ offense going forward.

Brandon Bolden, RB, New England – Ah, I let you guys down on this one. I meant to put Bolden in last week’s “Fire Sale” and it completely slipped my mind. I apologize. I have a 2-year old running around, I just started graduate school full-time and my brain is such mush I have to ask for a mulligan on Bolden.

Last week was the perfect time to get Bolden, but, if it makes you feel any better, I’ve been so busy I forgot to get him in my leagues, too. If you follow me you know how much I’ve endorsed
Stevan Ridley

since his days at LSU, but if I’m no longer starting a player myself, I’m certainly not going to tell you to start him. Ridley is becoming an afterthought in New England.

I know, next week he could carry the ball 20 times and gain 120 yards. You know what, though? He could also fumble again, too. The bottom line is we talk about committees in places like Denver, right? Well, would you rather have Ridley or
Knowshon Moreno

right now? That’s an easy one in my opinion.

The reason Bolden is such a valuable pickup is because in the Patriots offense you want the back who is going to play on passing downs. That back is obviously not going to be Ridley. We also know unless coach Bill Belichick loses his mind it won’t be
LeGarrette Blount
either. So with
Shane Vereen

out, Bolden is the guy who is likely to see those reps over the next month.

I actually like Bolden as one of the top pickups this week. Bolden has played well every time he’s gotten an opportunity to carry the ball. Also, besides being used in the passing game, Bolden will see some goal line carries as well. I’m a week late on this one but if you can still get Bolden, I strongly advise doing so.

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