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The Fire Sale – Week 6

I had one of those fantasy weeks. It was one of those weeks where in all my leagues people started players who got better stats in one game than they had all season. Guys who have no business being in fantasy lineups are scoring 30 points. Meanwhile, I have
Demaryius Thomas

and somehow in the fourth highest scoring game ever, Peyton Manning
’s No. 1 receiver has an average day.

It was just one of those weeks that makes fantasy football almost like a drug. I tell people all the time who don’t know me that I’m a gambling addict. I quit gambling back in 2002 but if you’re addicted to something it never goes away. Fantasy football actually took the place of gambling for me. It drives me so insane like gambling used to that I no longer have the urge to place bets.
This week was the epitome of that. I trade for
Aaron Rodgers

and he’s playing like
Russell Wilson

. I used to have
Russell Wilson

and he’s playing like
Aaron Rodgers

. The result? I lost because I had Rodgers. I hate this stupid game sometimes.

Now on with The Fire Sale…

Going Up

Zac Stacy

, RB St. Louis – Stacy was one of the most underrated players in the country when he was at Vanderbilt and he’s certainly worth picking up if you need a running back. I picked him up already in two of my leagues when I had a hunch he may start early last week. However, as usual, I want to temper expectations.
As fantasy owners we always love to jump the gun when a player, especially a running back, gets an opportunity. What we really need to look at though is the entire picture. Now let’s assume for argument’s sake that Stacy is more talented than the other running backs in St. Louis that have had chances before him.
So Stacy is a little more talented than

Daryl Richardson

Isaiah Pead
but what else has changed? The Rams still have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Their offense is still a joke overall. Remember, St. Louis just played by far the worst team in the league and they didn’t look all that much better than Jacksonville on Sunday. They looked a little better but not a lot better. So the Rams are going to be overmatched most weeks.

Has anyone seen Dallas play defense? The Cowboys defense stinks, yet the Rams couldn’t get a first down against them. So while I like the way Stacy runs with his straight-ahead, powerful style and I advise picking him up this week, I also want you to keep your expectations in check. This is the same gosh-awful Rams offense that draws 10 defenders near the line of scrimmage because they don’t throw the ball over six yards.

Stacy was a tough runner in the SEC and I liked him in the draft. I would like to see more of him in St. Louis because it’s pretty obvious the other guys they have there aren’t anything special. I just don’t know how much Stacy can do every week on that joke of an offense.
Right now, I don’t see Stacy being much more than a flex play. I hope I’m wrong because I’m really hurting for running backs in my one league where I picked up Stacy. The flier I took on
Johnathan Franklin

didn’t really pan out.  

Justin Blackmon

, WR Jacksonville – Well, I guess I’ve lost my mind or the world is coming to an end because we have a Ram and a Jaguar coming up in the same week and this column is about fantasy football. The odds of that happening in Vegas are 10,000/1.

I drafted Blackmon in one of my leagues and waited for his suspension to end. I then benched him five minutes before kickoff in favor of
Terrance Williams

. I was really kicking myself before Williams scored that 82-yard touchdown.

I’ve mentioned before in this column when talking about my boy
Ace Sanders
that it’s a shame the Jaguars don’t have at least an average quarterback because they’ve put together a good group of young receivers. Blackmon, Sanders and
Cecil Shorts

could form a really nice threesome if they had someone to get them the ball consistently.
The wheel of crap in Jacksonville is back on

Chad Henne

Blaine Gabbert

hurt his hamstring. That’s actually good news for Blackmon because as bad as Henne is, Gabbert is one of the all-time busts in my opinion. He’s in the
JaMarcus Russell

/Ryan Leaf neighborhood for me. I don’t see one single thing about the guy that makes me think he can play in the NFL.
I have Blackmon going up because of the fact that he plays in Jacksonville and you might be able to trade for him. Blackmon is a stud receiver. Sure, his quarterback play will doom him some weeks, but if you can get Blackmon as a WR3, that’s a great situation for your fantasy team. Also, Jacksonville is behind so often that its receivers get garbage points. Shorts has benefited from this early in the year and Blackmon will do the same going forward.

Even though there’s very little to like about the Jaguars, I would try and get Blackmon. He’s the one player that can still put up strong numbers most weeks in that fantasy wasteland.

Vincent Brown

, WR Chargers – Brown is a guy I’ve been high on ever since he was in college. I loved both him and

Ronnie Hillman

when they were at San Diego St. So far I’m 0-for-2. However, Brown is starting to show signs of life.
In his last two games, Brown has 15 receptions and he had 117 yards receiving against Oakland. San Diego is going to throw the ball all season. The Chargers are a fantasy perfect storm when it comes to the passing game because they can’t run the ball at all and their defense is weak, so San Diego is usually in shootouts. That’s the good news.
The bad news is

Philip Rivers

spreads the ball around a lot, so different receivers can have big games from week-to-week. Rookie
Keenan Allen

is also emerging, so his targets will be on the rise as well.
Advanced Sports Logic’s The Machine

software system has been high on Allen for the past couple of weeks.

Still, Brown has all the tools to emerge as the Chargers’ No. 1 receiver on the outside if he can stay healthy. Because Rivers has to throw it so often, there should be enough targets for Brown, Allen,
Danny Woodhead

Antonio Gates

to all have big roles in the offense.

Brown and Allen are both still available in a lot of leagues. I would give a slight lean towards Brown but both are worth picking up because Rivers is going to have to throw the ball until his arm falls off this year.

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