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The Fire Sale – Week 8

I wonder about some things in life. I wonder why people over the age of 90 are able to drive an automobile. I wonder why people still write checks at the grocery store in 2013 when every human being should have a check card to swipe. I wonder why people in an elevator talk on their cell phones but there are laws preventing me from beating them senseless. Mostly though, I wonder how the Jacksonville Jaguars can be so bad.

How can a team not even be competitive? Remember, I’ve been a Dallas fan for 30 years, which means I watched them go 1-15. They were terrible but they also lost some close games that year. The Jaguars are just getting hammered every week. Do you know how hard that is to do when every team uses the same system in terms of going after players, the salary cap, etc.? It’s simply embarrassing.

Oh well, I’m sure Jacksonville’s 17 fans have long stopped caring. I guess I will too. Hopefully
Justin Blackmon

will keep catching passes for the rest of the season and then they can move this sorry franchise to Sweden for all I care. I still can’t believe people write checks at the grocery store though. That shouldn’t even be allowed anymore. You don’t want to get a computer? Fine. You don’t want a smartphone? Fine? You know what though? Go get a darn check card or you’re not buying groceries. End of story.

Now on with “The Fire Sale” …

Going Up

Keenan Allen, WR, San Diego – I said two things this year that were pretty stupid. Actually, I’ve said a lot of things that were pretty stupid, so let me rephrase that statement. I said two things this year about the Chargers that were pretty stupid. I said their offense would stink and I said to pick up
Vincent Brown

over Allen the week after they played Oakland. It’s pretty close as to which one of those was the dumber prediction.

In my defense, I watch a ton of college football but I’ve said from the start that California was a team that I just missed a lot over the last couple of years. Maybe it was my hatred for former California coach Jeff Tedford or maybe it was because I have DirecTV and for some reason I pay $200 a month so I can’t get the Pac-12 Network, but either way, California was a team that was off my radar.

I wish I had seen them more because apparently they had a stud at wide receiver while Tedford was busy ruining the program. I may not have watched Allen a lot in college, but I’ve seen enough of him in the NFL to know he’s a future star. He runs great routes, has tremendous burst out of his breaks and looks like he’s been in the NFL for 10 years already. I absolutely love Allen. I love him to the point where telling people to pick up Brown over him will be my new favorite personal slam on myself.

The only thing that concerns me is for some reason every San Diego receiver has to get hurt in 2013. Even Allen got injured for a brief period on Sunday. I hope he can avoid the jinx because I want to see what kind of numbers Allen can put up this year in an offense that throws the ball as much as San Diego does every week. What do you think those two San Diego-Denver games are going to look like? I wonder if those games will produce any fantasy stats?

David Nelson, WR, New York Jets – I like to keep on guys I was high on coming out of college, because you never know what will happen. For instance, last week was the seventh time
Harry Douglas

was “Going Up” in “The Fire Sale.” It finally paid off. Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait six years for my guys to pay dividends.

Nelson was a player I liked when he was at Florida and he showed promise with Buffalo in 2011, catching 61 passes for 658 yards and five touchdowns as their slot receiver. Then Nelson tore up his knee and had struggled to make an impact until Sunday. Nelson signed on with the Jets recently and against New England he caught four passes for 80 yards. Nelson looked pretty good for not playing in a while, and everyone knows the Jets could use some help at receiver right now.

We’ll have to wait and see what kind of impact Nelson has going forward. Who knows? He could get cut next week, but when healthy Nelson has more talent in one finger than that hump
Clyde Gates

has in his entire body. Keep an eye on Nelson. If history is any indicator he should have some fantasy relevance in about four or five years.

Jordan Reed, TE, Washington – It looks like the Redskins finally found a tight end.

Reed caught all nine of his targets against Chicago for 134 yards and a touchdown. In his last two games Reed has 13 receptions on 15 targets for 192 yards. There are two things to really like about Reed: he’s extremely athletic and he plays on a team with an awful defense.

In the last two games, Reed has used his athletic ability to destroy single coverage. Defenses have been trying to take away
Pierre Garcon

but Reed has been making them pay because most safeties can’t stay with him. The fact that Reed is so athletic is going to cause headaches for defenses in the future.

Reed should continue to see a lot of targets because Washington’s defense is awful and it shows no signs of getting better. For instance, the Redskins play Denver this week. There should be about 90 points scored in that game. There’s nothing better than owning a pass catcher on a team that has a terrible defense because the offense gets so many possessions.

Expect Reed to have a lot of big fantasy weeks because Washington will need to score points all year to stay in games.

Advanced Sports Logic’s The Machine

is also high on Reed and they’ve been pretty strong all year on their waiver wire suggestions. At this point in the year you either have one of the few stud fantasy tight ends or you’re playing the matchups. Reed can really help owners who are struggling at the tight end position. I would advise picking him up if you need an upgrade in that area. I don’t see him being a fluke.

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