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The Good, The Bad, and The Two Start Pitchers August 12

Position Players to Start

Carlos Lee has been on fire lately, hitting nearly .400 over the last two weeks.
  The hit parade should continue with the matchups Lee draws this week.
  The batting average numbers are not spectacular but Lee has enjoyed good power results against the pitchers he will face this week.
  Lee has pounded eight home runs against five of the starters.
  Plug him in and expect a good week with a couple of bombs mixed in.


Nick Swisher is another prospective starter to consider this week in light of his matchups.
  Swisher has also been impressive with his power output against the starters he battles with.
  In addition to seven home runs, Swisher also has an impressive cumulative batting average in his career against this week’s starters.


Brian McCann missed a little bit of time at the end of last week with a banged up shoulder.
  He has played with the injury all season so it shouldn’t hinder him through the rest of the season.
  This week McCann figures to feast on the starting pitching that he will face.
  With a career .417 batting average McCann will have a hard time being held out of any lineup this week.


As the season winds down teams often will rest their veterans a little more.
  With the success that Derek Jeter has seen against his foes this week, the Yankees would be well served to keep him in the lineup.
  Jeter owns a .300 or better career batting average against six of the seven starting pitchers he will face this week, and with as many at bats has Jeter has accumulated over the years those numbers mean something.
  Plug him in your lineup this week.


Position Players to Avoid

Daniel Murphy is having a productive season and is capable of being used all over your lineup with is multiple position eligibility.
  Many owners have grown accustomed to using Murphy to plug a hole in their lineup, but with a string of matchups against pitchers that have given him trouble; you would be better off reserving him this week.


Ben Zobrist has turned in a mediocre season this year battling to even hit .250.
  He is a capable run producer, but this week he prepares to face off with pitchers that have historically given him a bunch of trouble.
  Don’t just plug Zobrist in your lineup this week blindly; you may well have a better option.


B.J. Upton has pounded Dan Haren in his career and must be looking forward to their matchup later this week.
  The matchup with Haren will likely prove to be a welcome reprieve, given the struggles Upton has had with the other pitchers that he will face off with this week.
  Upton offers your team help with speed, but his struggles to reach base against this week’s pitchers suggest that he will not be on base often enough to capitalize on that speed.


Two Start Pitchers

Two favorable matchups:

Wei-Yen Chen is not your typical starter to earn an endorsement as a two start pitcher, but given his success against this week’s opponents you would be well served to use him for both starts this week.


Tim Hudson has won his last five decisions for the surging Braves.
  This week he draws matchups with two opponents that he boasts a career 11-3 record against.
  Plug him in for this week and expect more strong results.


Josh Johnson has thrown the ball very well of late and should continue that streak with two favorable matchups this week.
  Johnson’s 5-3 record against the Phillies looks strong, but his 2-0 record with a 1.17 earned run average against the Rockies is eye popping.
  Make sure to utilize Johnson and these matchups this week.


C.J. Wilson hasn’t pitched as well in his first season with the Angels as he had hoped entering the week with only a 9-8 record.
  He looks poised to improve that with two strong matchups this week.
  Wilson has good numbers against both the Indians and Rays with a career mark of 6-3 with an earned run average in the low twos.


Split decision:

Mat Latos

Ryan Vogelsong

Jake Peavy

Gio Gonzalez

Ian Kennedy


Double trouble:

Clayton Richard

Zack Greinke

Matt Harrison

Josh Beckett

Hiroki Kuroda


One Start Wonders

Even though these guys get only one start this week, all signs point to them having the opportunity to register good numbers.
  Make sure to have them active.

Yovani Gallardo

Jordan Zimmerman

Ricky Nolasco

Chris Capuano

Dan Haren


Wait til Next Week

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