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The Good, The Bad, and The Two Start Pitchers July 15

Position Players to Start

Carlos Lee will happily suit up for his new team, the Miami Marlins, this weeks as he draws matchups with starting pitchers that he has had a great deal of success against.   Lee boasts a .300 or better batting average against five of the starters he is set to face this week.   Throw in a couple of career home runs and Lee should be a solid play for you this week.  


Miguel Montero has cooled off lately after a nice little hot streak.   He has the opportunity to see another streak of success this week with a handful of favorable matchups.   Montero has a career batting average of .459 against the starters he is set to face this week to go with a couple of home runs.   Look for him to heat back up and contribute towards your team’s success this week.  


Jay Bruce isn’t known for his gaudy batting average, so when you take a look at his matchups this week and notice his impressive numbers against the starters scheduled to take the mound against him and the Reds late this week it certainly jumps out at you.   Bruce gets matchups with a couple of pitchers that he has not faced to go along with four pitchers that he has owned.   Bruce should be able to add to his power totals this week.   In his career he has smacked six home runs.   Make sure you plug him in your starting lineup this week.  


Justin Upton’s late week matchups look a lot like Bruce’s…awfully impressive.   Even with his early week matchups where Upton doesn’t have a strong batting average he has still managed to hit a few home runs.   If potential trade suitors are eyeing Upton this week they will likely be impressed with what they see.  


Position Players to Avoid

Desmond Jennings has failed to live up to his draft day expectations through the first half of the season.   Things don’t look like they will improve for him this week either.   In his career, Jennings has only managed to collect two hits in seventeen at bats.   The Rays have dropped Jennings all the way down to the eighth slot in the batting order and if you can still get some value for him I would try to package him in a trade.   At the very least, find another outfielder to use in your starting lineup this week.  


Alexi Ramirez has been hitting the ball well of late, but he will likely see that recent success squelched a bit this week.   Ramirez has a career mark of only .227 when facing the starting pitchers that he will face this week.   Look for a regression as Ramirez deals with the week’s worth of though matchups.  


Adam Dunn is known for his power, but of late he has even struggled in that department.   Dunn has only two home runs in the last two weeks.   In his career Dunn only has .176 batting average with four home runs in fifty one at bats.   This week has the makings of Dunn being recognized for his other attribute…strikeouts.  


Ben Zobrist has been hitting better of late than he had earlier in the season.   Don’t get caught up in that recent success.   Zobrist has struggled with the pitchers he faces this week only managing a puny .222 career average.   Sit Zobrist down this week, particularly if you have been using him in one of your outfield slots.  


Two Start Pitchers

Two favorable matchups:

Jonathan Niese is 3-0 against the opponents the takes the mound against this week.    The earned run average is not great, but he should be able to build off his past success and be a useful starter this week.  


Matt Moore has been chiseling away at his earned run average lately and will get two more outings this week to continue to bring it down further.   Moore has pitched well lately and has the type of stuff that you hate to miss an opportunity to start him.   Plug him in for his two starts this week.  


C.C. Sabathia actually has had mixed success against his opponents this week, but how many fantasy owners can sit a pitcher the caliber of Sabathia?   Not me.   Go ahead and start him with confidence.  


Lance Lynn has been very successful against both of the division foes that he faces off with this week.   I suggest having him active in your lineup for these favorable matchups.  


Split decision:

Wade Miley was a pleasant surprise in the first half of the season, but he struggled in his last two outings prior to the All-Star break.   Both of his opponents this week have never faced Miley.   I expect him to regroup and pitch well, but another tough outing is not out of the question.  


Anibal Sanchez gets one opponent that has hit him hard and one that he has pitched well against.   He is the typical one good/one bad matchup.   Proceed with caution.  


Jair Jurrjens has pitched much better since being called back up from the minors and he gets two starts this week.   The results are mixed over his career, so I expect to see him have mixed results again this week.  


Double trouble:

Chris Capuano is 1-2 against the Phillies and 0-5 against the Mets.   He has pitched much better this season, but the track record is too much to let me recommend using him this week.  


One Start Wonders

Even though these guys get only one start this week, all signs point to them having the opportunity to register good numbers.   Make sure to have them active.  

Johan Santana

Zack Greinke

Adam Wainwright

James McDonald

A.J. Burnett

R.A. Dickey

Ricky Nolasco

Roy Halladay

Ian Kennedy

Vance Worley

David Price

Mat Latos

Cliff Lee

Jason Hammel


Wait til Next Week

Max Scherzer

Josh Beckett

Kyle Lohse

Justin Masterson

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